A brief description of the trail
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The Lower Silesian Castles and Palaces Trail – a brief description of the trail

The Lower Silesian Castles and Palaces Trail is designed for tourists travelling by car. The main theme of the trail constitutes a unique accumulation of historical mansions and their ruins in the whole province of Lower Silesia (i.e. in the historical region of Lower Silesia, the Land Kłodzko and the eastern part of Upper Lusatia).

The large number of sites included in the trail (68) allows visitors to explore monuments from different periods (from the second half of the 12th century to the first half of the 20th century) and different types in terms of location (upland and lowland castles, residences located in towns and villages), founder (monarch, duke, magnate, knight, townsman; and sometimes residences owned by ecclesiastical institutions), type and function of the site (castle, mansion, city palace, palace, villa). Among them we will find examples of facilities which are well-managed (some of them used as residential buildings or hotels, but also properly secured permanent ruins), under reconstruction, less damaged, in very poor states of repair and turning into ruins and sites which have almost completely disappeared and can only be identified archeologically.

There is no designated route on the trail. It is a collection of 68 sites scattered across Lower Silesia, which tourists can freely choose and combine arranging their own tour programs.


Total length of the trail: not applicable.


Trail inventory: not applicable.

How to follow this trail: The individual sites are best reached by car (sometimes it is necessary to walk short distances) or by bike, so that they can be freely connected. It is also possible to reach individual towns on the trail using public transport.