Rybnica Leśna – the wooden church of saint hedwig
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Rybnica Leśna – the wooden church of Saint Hedwig

The wooden church of Saint Hedwig was built for the evangelical community, most probably in 1608, on the site of an older structure. As a result of the Habsburg policy of the restoration of Catholicism, the church was handed over to the Catholics in 1654 (Habsburgs, as the Bohemian kings, held sway over the Świdnickie Duchy, which was their hereditary fiefdom). The church was modernized and renovated many times (e.g. in 1791, 1865, 1930 and 1963). It is a picturesque building situated in the middle of the village, a log construction placed upon a stone foundation. It is topped with a roof made of shingles. It has one nave and a rectangular presbytery with a sacristy. The interiors are topped with ceilings, the presbytery has a coffer ceiling with Moorish ornamentation covering the walls. The interior of the nave is filled with galleries for the congregation and the music gallery. The building is additionally attractive thanks to the homogeneity of the furnishings from the early 17th century. An aedicula altar from 1611, with bas-reliefs depicting Christological themes, is placed there. Two other items are contemporary to the altar: a baptistery and a pulpit settled on a post decorated with polychromes. All three objects form a liturgicalal triad, typical of the interiors of the Lutheran churches of that time, as it emphasizes the crucial roles of the baptism (the baptistery) being the entrance to the path of faith, the Holy Communion (the altar) being the way of sharing the sacrifice of Christ, and of the sermons (the pulpit) as the factor confirming the faith which is the only precondition of redemption, according to Martin Luther. Some wooden benches from the early 17th century have also survived inside the church. The church in Rybnica is a testimony of Silesian protestant art in the country. An art which was not distorted by the baroque counter-reformation, the 19th-century modernizations, or the damage and devastation of the period after the war.

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