Karpniki – the Oak manor and the park
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Karpniki – the Oak manor and the park

The palace was erected as a hunting house in 1875. The nineteenth-century edifice owes its uniqueness to the architects: Herman Ende and Wilhelm Bockman (creators of the seat of the Japanese Ministry of Justice in Tokyo and Landeshaus in Gdańsk). The eclectic edifice is a three-storey brick construction with a rectangular tower, a risalit and an oriel, characterised by tall steep roofs. The palace belonged to the court marshal in the Grand Duchy of Heses, baron Ulrich Saint Paul-Illair. A lover of nature, the baron made sure the terrain around the building was properly formed. The mansion was surrounded with a naturalist park (reportedly designed by the baron himself) filled with rare shrubs and exotic plants, such as rhododendrons and magnolias. The baron’s son, Walter Le Tanneaux von Saint Paul–Illair, gave his father seedlings of an original African flower later commonly called the African violet; it was formally named Saintpaulia ionantha, after its discoverer. After the baron’s death, the subsequent owners did not cultivate his botanical passion and the park lost its grandeur. In 1933 the palace passed into the hands of baroness Thea von Wartenberg, and her niece – Anna Aichinger – inherited it in 1947. Her heirs sold the estate in 1998.

Today the palace houses a hotel, a restaurant and a spa. It hosts various commemorative events. In the Rudawy Landscape Park, in the heart of which the Oak Manor is situated, you can admire lush vegetation and rock formations. Many of the trees growing in the park come from East Asia, North America or Japan. The proximity of tourist locations such as Karpacz (about 11 km), or Szklarska Poręba (6.5 km) is an additional attraction, along with sites such as the Lower Silesia Monuments Miniatures Park (about 6.5 km), adits – an underground tourist trails (about 7 km) or Cyrkland in Miłkowice (about 9 km).



Pałac Dębowy Karpniki

ul. Stawowa 12, 58-533 Mysłakowice

tel. rezerwacja - recepcja: 75 754-08-00, biuro – dyrekcja: 75 754-08-01


e-mail: biuro@palac-debowy.pl


How to get there:

By car to Jelenia Góra, then in the direction of Wojanów and Karpniki.

The palace is situated outside the village of Karpniki, near the Sokole Mountains, several hundred meters from the main road crossing the village.




The site is open to visitors.


Fixed and regular events taking place on the site:



Car parking:

On the premises.


Places to eat:

bars in the nearby hostels (see: accommodation) and numerous eateries in Szklarska Poręba, for example:


Fantazja Pensjonat Restauracja

 ul. Jedności Narodowej 14, Szklarska Poręba

 tel. 75 717-29-07


e-mail: pokoje@fantazja.com.pl


Renifer S.C.

ul. Kołłątaja 2 B, Szklarska Poręba

tel. 75 717-37-77


e-mail: renifer@renifer.com.pl 



Pałac Dębowy Karpniki

 ul. Stawowa 12, 58-533 Mysłakowice

 tel. rezerwacja - recepcja: 75 754-08-00, biuro – dyrekcja: 75 754-08-01


e-mail: biuro@palac-debowy.pl


Schronisko Szwajcarka

ul. Janowicka 7, 58 -515 Karpniki

tel. 75 753-52-83


e-mail: pawelwojtczak8@wp.pl


 SSM Wojtek

ul. Piastowska 1, 58 – 580 Szklarska Poręba

tel. 75 610-54-36


e-mail: magdalada@poczta.onet.pl


SSM Bartek

ul. Bartka Zwycięzcy 10, Jelenia Góra

tel. 75 752-57-46

There is no website available

e-mail: ssm.bartek@wp.pl 

Tourist Information Office:

Informacja Turystyczna, Referat Promocji Miasta, Sportu i Turystyki

ul. Jedności Narodowej 1a, Szklarska Poręba

tel. 75 754-77-42


e-mail: it@szklarskaporeba.pl

Open: in the season: Monday – Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., out of season: Monday – Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.