Bobrowo – the palace complex in Wojanów
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Bobrowo – the palace complex in Wojanów

Bobrów palace (formerly Boberstein) was erected on the ruins of a Renaissance mansion which probably dated back to the years 1598-1608, managed by Nickel von Zedlitz. The stone mansion was established on a rectangular plan, with the shorter side facing the river Bóbr. The walls of that edifice can still be admired in the present palace. Around the mid-seventeenth century, because of the damage sustained in the Thirty Years’ War, the palace was rebuilt. Over the years, its owners were: Carl Christoph von Zedlitz, Anna von Nostitz, the Jesuit Order, the Schaffgotsch family, a merchant Daniel von Bachus, Karl Sigmund von Rothkirch and Ernestine von Kochwitz. Circa 1894, when the palace belonged to Hans Rudolf von Decker, it was thoroughly reconstructed. After 1921 the palace passed into the hands of the Rothkirch family and later, in 1934, it was taken over by Sierstropff von Franken. It was subsequently purchased by the government of the Third Reich, and used by the Soviet Army after 1945. Since then, the palace has served many different functions: a centre for Greek political refugees, a correctional facility, a summer camp, a State Agricultural farm (PGR), an Agricultural Cooperative (SKR) and the Liability Insurance Inspectorate from Jelenia Góra. From the 1960s, not renovated and unused, the edifice was falling into disrepair until 1994, when it was bought by the Stowarzyszenie Polsko-Niemieckie Promocji, Odbudowy i Utrzymania Historycznych Wartości Zabytków Kultury i Tradycji Śląska (Polish-German Association for Promotion, Reconstruction and Preservation of the value of Historical Monuments of Silesian Culture and Tradition Monuments). The utility buildings were used as a hotel for the young people from Poland and Germany.

The architectural style of the building resembles forms typical of the French Renaissance, with a touch of Dutch ornamentation. The original interior layout was preserved on the ground floor. The hall and vestibule of the palace contain original paintings. Rooms by the palace are used for accommodation. You can have tea or coffee on the premises.



Pałac Bobrów

58 -508 Jelenia Góra

tel. 75 713-02-05



How to get there:

Bobrów is situated about 100 km from Wrocław, near Janowice Wielkie and Trzcińsko. Access: by A4 highway in the direction of Zgorzelec, until the exit onto road no. 3 in the direction of Jelenia Góra, the exit onto road no. 3, in Radomierzyce take an exit into Janowice Wielkie, then in Janowice go in the direction to Trzcińsko and Bobrów; from Wrocław you can to in the direction of Jelenia Góra, next in the direction of Bobrów

In Bobrów you should cross the bridge over the river Bóbr, then turn left; the road leads straight to the palace (about 200 m). You can set off from Janowice Wielkie through Trzcińsko, or from Jelenia Góra through Łomnica and Wojanów.



The palace can be visited despite the ongoing renovation works. In the summer season it is open from dawn till dusk. If you come any distance, it is best to make prior arrangements with the owner (Günther Artmann).


Fixed and regular events taking place on the site:

August – the International Silesian Folklore Festival (Międzynarodowy Festiwal Folkloru Śląska).


Car parking:

In front of the main gate or on the premises.


Places to eat:

Restauracja Ogrodowa

Pałac Wojanów

Wojanów 9, 58 – 508 Jelenia Góra

tel. 75 754-53-00, 691-688-889




Karpnicka Struga W Dolinie Pałaców i Ogrodów

Bobrów 4, Jelenia Góra,

tel. 75 641-92-10, 604-358-175, 602-676-036



Szkolne Schronisko Młodzieżowe Bolko

ul. Księcia Bolka 8b, Bolków

tel. 75 741-43-60, 608-346-148

There is no website or e-mail address available.


Szkolne Schronisko Młodzieżowe Bartek

ul. Bartka Zwycięzcy 10, 58 - 500 Jelenia Góra

tel. 75 752-57-46, 887-888-771

There is no website available.



Tourist Information Office:

Punkt Informacji Turystycznej i Kulturalnej

ul. Bankowa 27, Jelenia Góra

tel. 75 767-69-25,

Open: Monday – Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m., Sunday (July – September) from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.