Kowary – the Kowary Sanatorium Complex
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Kowary – the Kowary Sanatorium Complex

The sanatorium complex in Kowary - Wojków was founded in 1902 on land purchased from duke von Reuss (the owner of Nowy Dwór in Radocice) and from the residents of the village (23 morgens of the forest with watersprings). It covers about 30ha in an area of outstanding beauty, lying on the southern slope of Bukowa Mountain at a height of 485 m.  The sanatorium took its name –‘Wysoka Łąka’ (‘High Meadow’) from a village situated nearby as well as in relation to its location. Carl Grossed created the design of the building and the Silesian Insurance Association funded it. The grounds were designed by the garden designer, Mentzl. 15 km of walking trails were created there.

The main building of the complex along with the nearby structures are stylized in the alpine Swiss architectural style. Everything, including the insides, was decorated with numerous plant  and animal motifs.

The adjacent sanatorium was built around 1916 and it currently bears the name ‘Bukowiec’. Its style differs significantly from the ‘Wysoka Łąka’ buildings. The sanatorium became famous thanks to the linocuts of a long-term patient, the prominent Polish graphic artist Józef Gielniak. One of his most important artistic series is called ‘Sanatorium’. Today the building houses a hotel for nurses.

Leżalnia (‘the lying down’ house which served for ‘rest therapy’) was built in 1904 and reconstructed in 1913 after it was destroyed by a foehn wind. The two-tier building could hold over 100 patients. It served its purpose for over half a century.

Nowadays the respiratory disorders are cured in the centers of the sanatorium complex. The patients can use the local therapeutic water springs as a part of the therapy.  On the front side the terraces and verandas overlooking vast meadow are put at the patients’ disposal.


Szpital Gruźliczy i Chorób Płuc

ul. Sanatoryjna 27, 58-530 Kowary

tel. 75 718-23-51