Karpniki- the parish church of St. Hedwig
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Karpniki- the parish church of St. Hedwig

The church of St. Hedwig stands in the middle of the village of Karpniki. The earliest mention of the church dates back to 1399. The church was badly damaged during the Hussite Wars. It took on its present form after alterations in the second half of the 16th century. Another modernization took place in the mid-17th century. The building was renovated in 1897 and in 1962. The building is made of stone. It has a broad rectangular nave with a square and slightly separated chancel. It also has a square tower with a Renaissance attic and a gable roof. There is an early-Baroque altar from the 17th century in the church, as well as other historical elements: a pulpit, some statues and paintings. The church’s valuable Gothic sculpture of the Madonna and Baby disappeared in unexplained circumstances. The building is surrounded with stone defense walls. The cemetery in which the church used to stand has been removed.


Parafia św. Jadwigi

ul. Kościelna 1, 58-533 Karpniki

tel. 75 713-72-95


Masses: Sundays at 9.00 and 11.00 a.m.