The White Stork Synagogue
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The White Stork Synagogue

The White Stork Synagogue is one of two synagogues functioning in Wrocław. It is the largest and the main synagogue of the Wrocław Jewish Community. Its name derives from the former inn ‘Under the White Stork’ which had earlier been situated on the site.

In the late 18th century there was an idea of building one large synagogue which would enable the closure of all the private synagogues and prayer houses scattered around the town, in accordance with royal orders. The first plans for creating a large synagogue were not realized due to the resistance of the most Orthodox Jews. The synagogue was finally built between 1827 and 1829 according to a design by Carl Ferdinand Langhans, Jr., the son of the creator of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. He designed a brick, oriented and single space building, erected in the Classicist style on a rectangular plan. The eastern and southern façades are richly decorated with two shallow risalits with Corinthian pilasters on the porticos. The structure has high arch windows. The synagogue is covered with a mansard roof crowned with attics and an octagonal lunette over them. The prayer hall is covered with a trough vault. On three sides there are two-storey Neo-Romanesque matronea for women. In 1901 the Council of the Wrocław Jewish Community building was constructed on the south and west side; together with the synagogue they create a courtyard entered through the gate of the Council building.

During the Night of Broken Glass (the Kristallnacht) on November 9-10 1938 only the proximity of the neighbouring buildings spared the synagogue from being burnt down by the Nazis. The interior and the furnishings, however, were damaged. During World War II the building did not suffer any significant damage and in 1945 it was restored to the needs of worship; generally accessible, though, it fell into further disrepair. In 1992 The Ministry of Culture and Art passed the synagogue to the Jewish Community. Having been renovated, the synagogue regained its former glory in 2010. Both the façades and the interior of the building were renovated. Today it is one of the most magnificent churches in Wrocław. 


Synagoga pod Białym Bocianem

Ul. Włodkowica 7, 50-057 Wrocław

tel. 71 343 64 01

There is no e-mail address available.

How to get there:

Visiting: Services are held on Fridays at 6.00 p.m. and on Saturdays at 9.30 a.m. Visiting the synagogue is possible by prior telephone arrangement.

Fixed and regular events:

The synagogue is the centre of Jewish culture in the city hosting exhibitions, concerts, exhibition openings, theatrical shows, workshops and meetings. On Saturdays Havdalah concerts are held there. The annual festival Summer with Music Under the White Stork (Lato z Muzyką Pod Białym Bocianem) takes place every Sunday afternoon in August. The annual Israeli Day is held on the 6th and 7th of May.

Car parking:

The nearest car park is situated in Św. Antoniego street and in the Helios Cinema at 19 a Kazimierza Wielkiego street.


Places to eat:

Since the site is located in the centre of Wrocław, thre is a wide range of eateries to choose from. It is worth visiting the numerous restaurant located in Włodkowica street: Mleczarnia, Sarah, On Nova and Casablanca among others.


Wrocław offers many accommodation services, the closest ones are:

Hostel Mleczarnia

 ul. Włodkowica 5, 50-072 Wrocław

tel. 71 787-75-70


Hotel Europeum

Ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 27a, 50-077 Wrocław

tel. 71 371-45-00


Boogie Hostel Wroclaw

Ul. Ruska 35, 50-079 Wrocław

tel. 71 342-44-72

e-mail: wrocł

Tourist Information Office:

Centrum Informacji Turystycznej i Kulturalnej

Rynek 14, 50-107 Wrocław

Opening hours: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

tel. 71 344-31-11

mobile 663-888-725


Dolnośląska Informacja Turystyczna

Sukiennice 12, 50-107 Wrocław

tel. 71 342-01-85


Opening hours: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.