Saint Giles’s Church and the Tower of the Chapter House
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Saint Giles’s Church and the Tower of the Chapter House

The church of St. Giles in Wrocław is a late-Roman church on Ostrów Tumski. It is the oldest fully preserved building in Wrocław and the city’s oldest active church. It was built around 1220-1230. Two portals have been preserved: a Romanesque and a Renaissance one. The church belongs to the category of single-pillar churches, typical of medieval Wrocław – the church’s vault is supported by a centre pillar. The façade is decorated with an arcaded frieze composed of a row of little arches. It is a one-aisle church with a square chancel finished with a three-sided apse. The entrance is located on the north side of the aisle. After WWII, most of the alterations introduced in the Baroque period were eliminated: the external plaster was removed, the double rainbow arch was reconstructed; the bell tower was left untouched. As a result, the church’s decor is very raw, with naked brick walls in the chancel and plastered walls in the aisle.

A brick arcade connects the church to the chapter house, forming the so called Dumpling Gate (Brama Kluskowa).

There is a legend connected with the gate. It tells a story of a farmer from the outskirts of Wrocław, widowed by his wife – a marvellous cook. On one occasion, when he came to the Wrocław market, he fell asleep by the church of Saint Giles. He had a dream about his wife, who told him she was leaving him a pot full of dumplings which would never run dry, provided that he always left one dumpling at the bottom. When he woke up, he saw a pot full of hot dumplings in front of him. He started to eat immediately, but he was so hungry he could not resist eating the last dumpling as well. Before he could taste it, the dumpling raised from the pot, attached itself to the arch of the gate and turned into stone. The pot never filled itself with dumplings again.

The late-Gothic chapter house dates back to the late 14th century. It was thoroughly rebuilt around 1520 and the portal is from 1527. The two-storey building is equipped with a basement, and has a rib vault and a winding staircase in the vestibule. It has a tilted corner tower and connects to a neo-Gothic building that contains the Archdiocesan archives and the chapter library.

The relics of Blessed Ft. Zygmunt Gorazdowski are being kept in the church. He lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. He was called “the true jewel of the Lviv Archdiocese clergy” by the pope John Paul II. Blessed Zygmunt Gorazdowski was the protector of the wronged and the harmed, he was known as the “father of the poor” and “apostle of the Divine Mercy”


The filial church of the Roman-Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist.

The church of St. Giles

ul. Kapitulna 3, 50-329 Wrocław

tel. 71 322-25-74

The Chapter House

Pl. Katedralny 17, Wrocław

How to get there:

The Cathedral is located in Ostrów Tumski, in the centre of Wrocław.


On weekdays, the interior of the church may only be viewed through a grating. Every Sunday at 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. masses for preschoolers are celebrated.

Fixed and regular events:

Connected with the liturgical year.

Car parking:

On the Katedralny square.


Places to eat:

The closest cafés and restaurants are situated in the nearby hotels. Due to the fact that the site is located near the city centre one can easily choose from many eating places in the vicinity.


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