Pavilion of Four Domes , Pergola and Wrocław Multimedia Fountain
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Pavilion of Four Domes , Pergola and Wrocław Multimedia Fountain

The Pavilion of Four Domes was created in 1912-1913. It is a part of an exhibition complex around the Centennial Hall. It was originally intended for display purposes, during the historical exhibition in 1913 commemorating the centenary of the victory over Napoleon. An accomplished architect, Hans Poelzig, was the designer. The Pavilion is built on a square plan with a dome-covered hall in the middle of each side. Its surface area equals about 7000 m². There was initially a fountain on the yard, with a statue of Athena. After the acquisition of the building by Feature Film Studio it lost somewhat of its exquisite soul; the big rooms were divided into smaller ones, which were subsequently used as film ateliers. In 2006, as a part of the exhibition grounds of Centennial Hall, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After a thorough renovation, the National Museum in Wrocław plans to open exhibition halls in the building, displaying a collection of Polish contemporary art. Another idea is to mount an outdoor sculpture gallery in the park. The renovation works are scheduled to finish around 2013, that is in the centenary of the erection of the Pavilion.

Pergola is located nearby the Centennial Hall, on its north-east side. It was also built at the beginning of the 20th century and according to the design of Hans Poelzig. It fringes a semi-elliptic pool with a fountain. It consists of two rows of non-plastered pillars made of reinforced concrete (there are 750 of them) crowned with a grating covered with grapevine. The alley underneath is gravelled. The Pergola is 640 m long. In winter the pool is transformed into a skating rink.

In the summer of 2009, a Multimedia Fountain with sound and light effects was installed in the pool at Pergola. It is equipped with almost 300 nozzles of different types (geysers, dynamic and bubbly nozzles, foggy, puncture, palm and three fire nozzles). The water is popped up to 40 meters, and the water screen’s surface is 700 m2. The show is enhanced with images projected on the water screen, music and laser lights. Moreover, the fountain is illuminated by almost 800 big and small light points placed in the basin. The Multimedia Fountain in Pergola is one of several such projects in the world.

The Pavilion of Four Domes (Pawilon Czterech Kopuł), 1 Wystawowa Street.