Sobótka – the municipal area with the town hall, the Abbot’s House, the Ślęża Museum
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Sobótka – the municipal area with the town hall, the Abbot’s House, the Ślęża Museum

Sobótka is one of the oldest commercial settlements in Silesia (1148). The marketplace was the main spot which determined the direction of the land use and spatial development of Sobótka. The town received civic rights in 1399, and the marketplace was turned into a main square. The Augustinian Order definitely influenced the spatial development of the town, since they situated their buildings on the western frontage of the main square. Only two edifices survived the big fire of 1730: the parochial house and a fragment of a former monastic hospice, the so called Abbot’s House, which now houses the Ślęża Museum. The Gothic church of St. James – the main compositional element of Sobótka’s urban layout – and the sanctuary of St. Anna were successfully reconstructed. Unfortunately, the town hall with an archive full of documents was irretrievably destroyed. Subsequent cataclysms and wars caused further damage to the architectural monuments. The market origins of the town and the spectrum of its rich history can nevertheless still be noticed in the architectural elements which have been preserved and restored.

The Abbot’s House was erected in 1568 by the Augustinian convent as a monastic hospital and hospice. The two-storey brick house is situated in the centre of Sobótka and stands next to the St. James’s church. A passable vestibule with a cross vault leads to the yard. A Renaissance stone portal placed in the front elevation, with an inscription dated from 1568, and a Gothic portal from 1532 (from a no longer existing historic house) are particularly worth noting. In the early 20th century the edifice served as a hospital. From 1926 it housed a Heimatmuseum (German: ‘regional museum’). Today it houses the Ślęża Museum.

The Ślęża Museum of Stanisław Dunajewski was created in 1962. It is located in a historic area of the town, in the so called Abbot’s House, which housed the Heimatmuseum before the war (from 1926). The museum’s objective is to disseminate knowledge about the material and spiritual history of the region. It contains archaeological collections and regional relics as well as local decorative art. The museum has two permanent exhibitions: “The beliefs of the ancient Slavs”, and an exhibition related to the wildlife of the Ślęża Massif. The museum yard contains a lapidarium with fragments of antique architectural elements, and sculptures from the churches of Sobótka and the neighbouring towns. The museum includes an art gallery as well. Finally, it organises concerts and meetings with interesting people connected with culture and science.



The Ślęża Museum of Stanisław Dunajewski (Muzeum Ślężańskie im. Stanisława Dunajewskiego w Sobótce)

ul. św. Jakuba 18, 55-050 Sobótka

tel. 71 316-26-22



How to get there:

Sobótka is situated 30 km from Świdnica, 35 km from Wrocław. Take road no. 35 in the direction of Wałbrzych, after about 20 km take an exit onto a road going directly to Sobótka.



The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday and every last Tuesday of the month, from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Tickets: normal ticket - 4 zł, concessions - 2 zł, group ticket - 2 zł, on Saturdays the admission is free.


Fixed and regular events taking place on the site:



Car parking:

There are some car parks in the centre of the town, free of charge.


Places to eat:

RestauracjaSzczere Pole

ul. Armii Krajowej 6, 55-050 Sobótka

tel. 71 390-47-04, 605-110-266



RestauracjaPod Jeleniem

Rynek 8, 55-050 Sobótka

tel./fax 71 390-32-37, 696-413-205



Accommodation services:

Ślęża Pension

ul. Św. Jakuba 4, Sobótka

tel./fax 71 390-31-67, 667-345-678, 691-677-822



Pokoje gościnne „Pod Jeleniem

Rynek 8, 55-050 Sobótka

tel./fax 71 390-32-37, 696-413-205



Hotel Dom Turysty PTTK „Pod Wieżycą”

ul. Armii Krajowej 13, 55-050 Sobótka

tel./fax 71 316-28-57



Tourist Information Office

Biuro Promocji Miasta Sobótka/Informacja Turystyczna

tel./fax. 71 335 12 42