Stare Bogaczowice – Cisy Castle
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Stare Bogaczowice – Cisy Castle

Książ Landscape Park in the Czyżynka Valley houses ruins of one of the most important fortresses of the Duchy of Jawor and Świdnica. At the turn of the 13th and the 14th century the Duke of Świdnica, Bolko I, built a stone castle in quadrilateral shape. A tower with a diameter of over 10 metres and a dwelling house were built right next to it. Like many other Silesian castles, Cisy Castle became the headquarters of local robber barons in the 14th century. It was Bolko II who recaptured the castle and who is thought to have restored and rebuilt it. After Bolko’s II death the castle was inherited by his wife, Agnes; after she died in 1392, it became the property of the king of Bohemia, who then passed it on to two knightly families: von Grunau and von Czettritz. The first serious damages were done to the castle by the Hussites. When the Hussite Wars were over, the structure was redecorated and the defensive wall surrounding the administrative bailey was erected. In the 16th century modernization works started. In order to defend the drawbridge leading to the castle, a tower was built. Cisy Castle suffered serious damages during the Thirty Years’ War. In 1643 the Swedish army stormed the stronghold and destroyed it. After the war, the castle returned to its former owners, who, unfortunately, did not intend to bring it back to its prewar glory. The decision to demolish the defensive walls and to use the stone as building material in local construction turned the fortress to ruins. In 1830 the castle became the property of von Zieten, who was not interested in redecorating it either. During the interwar period the restoration of the inner gate was carried out and in the 1960’s the castle became a tourist attraction. The ruins of the castle are open to the public all year round. The elements best preserved are the tower, wall fragments, the remains of the gate and a part of one of the residential buildings.


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How to get there:

There are two tourist routes to the castle leading through the Wałbrzyskie Foothills: a green route – the Piast Castles Trail, a yellow-blue-yellow route – the Uhlans of the Legion of the Vistula Trail. It is 3 km from Książ Castle, the distance to the castles in Wałbrzych and Świebodzice is comparable. It is about 70 km from Wrocław, it takes about an hour and 10 minutes by car. In Bielany Wrocławskie take road no. 35 and go 52 km until Świebodzice, there take Kamiennogórska Street and after 2.7 km you reach your goal.


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Places to eat:

Restauracja Legenda

ul. Narciarska 1, 58-310 Szczawno-Zdrój

tel. 74 849-31-74, 600-970-821, 600-970-826


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Restauracja Dwór Maksyma

ul. Sienkiewicza 33a, 58-310 Szczawno-Zdrój

tel. 74 841-40-15


Hotel Księżyc

ul. Jeleniogórska 52, Świebodzice

tel. 74 856-10-50

e-mail: a contact form is available on the website.


Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne „Przy Kominku”

ul. Główna 1, 58-312 Stare Bogaczowice

tel. 74 845-23-23

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Pensjon Przy Kortach

ul. Ofiar Katynia 2A, 58-319 Szczawno-Zdrój

tel. 74 882-00-16


Gospoda Pod Wieżą

ul. Zacisze 2A, 58-319 Szczawno-Zdój

tel. 74 840-26-83


Agroturystyka U Anny

Cieszów 28, 58-160 Świebodzice

tel. 74 845-20-90, 695-882-090

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Obiekt PTTK Bacówka Pod Trójgarbem

ul. Główna 64, 58-311 Lubomin

tel. 74 845-22-08


Tourist Information Office:

Centrum Informacji Turystycznej i Kulturalnej

Rynek 9, 58-300 Wałbrzych

tel. 74 666-60-68


A contact form is available on the website.