Janowice Wielkie – Sokolec
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Janowice Wielkie – Sokolec

The ruins of Sokolec castle are situated in the Sokole Mountains range, on Krzyżna Mountain. Unfortunately, there is very little information about this structure. Legend has it that the name of the castle came from the falcons’ nest1 which was noticed by the prince in the very same place. The first mention of a stronghold dates from 1364. Only a few things are certain, like the fact that in 1372 the castle was endowed to burgrave Clericus Bolze, one of the courtiers of duchess Agnes. Around 1406 the fortress was ruled by a robber baron called Hans von Tschirn, known to be the most famous robber in Silesia. Sokolec was the place where Hans and his brother Opitz stayed after having been driven out of Niesytno castle by the citizens of Świdnica, supported by some squads of soldiers from Wrocław. The first destruction of the building was probably the result of an order given by king Matthias Corvinus, whereby all the strongholds of the robber-barons were to be demolished. According to some other sources the castle was destroyed during fights over the Bohemian crown between Matthias Cornivus and George of Kunsta and Podebrady. In 1508 the Bohemian king Vladislas II leased the fortress to Anton Schaffgotsch, the owner of the Chojnik castle. The document which confirmed the lease described the castle as a ruin.

The next mention of the castle comes from 1668 and again it states the bad condition of the structure. Not until 1832 did duchess Marianna, the wife of the Prussian duke Wilhelm, take an interest in the ruins, which unfortunately did not enhance their condition or appearance. Marianna merely ordered the building of a cross on the top of Krzyżna Mountain. The cross was smelted by the Royal Steelmaker in Gliwice, it weighed two tons and had the span of 5.4 meters.

Nowadays, only part of the walls and earth ramparts remain of the castle.

1 Falcon is „sokół” in Polish, hence the name „Sokolec”



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How to get there:

The site is located about 105 km from Wrocław; estimated journey time is 1 hour and 40 minutes. Take the A4 highway in the direction of Zgorzelec, after 27 km take an exit to country road no 5. Follow the road to Bolków (42 km), then take road no 3. After 14 km you will reach Trzcińsko.


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Restauracja Przycup w Dolinie

Radomierz 1b, 58-520 Janowice Wielkie

tel. 75 751-70-34

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Bar Mammarosa

ul. Kolejowa 1, 58-520 Janowice Wielkie

tel. 75 751-53-70


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Restauracja Palazzo

Trzcińsko 3, 58-520 Janowice Wielkie

tel. 75 751-52-34 , 500-672-309

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Schronisko Szwajcarka

ul. Janowicka 7, 58-515 Karpniki

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e-mail: pawelwojtczak8@wp.pl

Ośrodek Wczasowy Leśny Dwór

ul. Robotnicza 11-12, 58-520 Janowice Wielkie

tel. 75 751-52-72, 606-266-328


e-mail: info@lesny-dwor.pl

Camping Budowico

ul. Leśna, 58-520 Janowice Wielkie

tel. 664-273-010 (centrum info), 708-477-577

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Dwór nad Bobrem

Trzcińsko 3, 58-520 Janowice Wielkie

tel. 75 751-52-34, 500-672-309


e-mail: dwor.nad.bobrem@gmail.com

Chata Piaskowy Koń

Mniszków 6, 58-520 Janowice Wielkie

tel. 609-136-056


e-mail: biuro@piaskowykon.pl

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Tourist Information Office:

Informacja Turystyczna Janowice Wielkie

ul. Kolejowa 2, 58-520 Janowice Wielkie

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