Bolków – Niesytno
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Bolków – Niesytno

The ruins of Niesytno Castle are located in the village of Płonina near Bolków, on a rocky peak 550 m above sea level. While the castle’s octagonal tower is clearly visible, the remainder of the ruins is overgrown with trees. It is assumed that the castle was built in the 14th century by one of the princes of Jawor and Świdnica; it consisted of an octagonal tower with two wings surrounded by a wall. Between 1385 and 1455 it was the seat of robbers from the von Tschirn family, and this contributed to the creation of a legend explaining the etymology of the castle’s name (the name Niesytno was supposed to derive from the word nienasycenie, meaning insabiality, since the robbers were „insatiable in hoarding loot”). In the Middle Ages another name appeared: Angstwinkel, meaning „corner of fear”.

The most notorious member of the family of robbers was Hans von Tschirn, called the biggest bandit on Silesian land. His criminal activity and his sympathy for the Hussites provoked an attack of the townspeople of Świdnica supported by the army of the bishop of Wroclaw in 1432. As a result of this attack the castle was destroyed and von Tschirn fled to Sokolec Castle, which was ruled by his brother Opitz. To retrieve his property, he resorted to deceit: he invited the Hussite leaders, Michałek and Bedrzich, and then promptly denounced them to the ruler of Świdnica in order to redress his previous misdeeds. In consequence, he was allowed to return to the castle and he was given new land; yet, he was not to have a long and peaceful life there. He was killed in the castle’s chapel in 1455 allegedly by the governor of the Świna Castle, Gunzel von Schweinichen.

The new owners – the Seidlitz family – lived in the castle until the mid-16th century and later moved to a newly constructed Renaissance castle located below. The rooms of the old castle were consequently used mostly for domestic purposes. In the following years, castle owners changed frequently: in 1661 it was bought by von Glaubitz, then purchased by the von Maltzans, von Neidschutzes and many others.

Niesytno Castle was renovated twice: in the 18th century. David von Graeve added a new wing and a clock tower; another renovation took place in 1843, during the reign of Count Julius von Bulow. During WWII the castle served as a barracks for Luftwaffe airmen. After the war, it was used as a camp house and later it was taken over by the Lublin FSC (an automotive factory). The object has been private property since 1984. In 1993, a fire destroyed the buildings and turned the castle into ruins.

It is recommended that only the exteriors of the castle be visited because of the deplorable condition of the ruins. Entering the castle is dangerous and therefore prohibited.


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How to get there:

The site is located about 79 km from Wrocław; it takes about an hour and 30 minutes. Take the A4 highway in the direction of Zgorzelec, after 27 km take an exit to country road no 5. Follow the road to Bolków (42 km); 1.5 km after the town turn right, after 6 km you will reach Płonina.


The ruins of the Piast castle, as well as the ruins of the later palace can only be viewed from the outside due to the bad condition. Entering the premises of the palace is dangerous and thus prohibited.

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Karczma „Podgórzanka”

ul. Kamiennogórska 3, 59-420 Kaczorów

tel. 75 741-21 14, 608-043-638


Restauracja „Nad Potokiem”

ul. Jeleniogórska 17. 59-420 Kaczorów

tel. 75 741-21-78


Zajazd Przy Kominku”

Nowe Rochowice 22, 59-420 Bolków

tel. 75 74-13-299, 604-973-622



Camping Pod Lasem

Świny 17, 59-420 Bolków

tel. 75 741-43-78, 508-677-106


Hotel Bolków

ul. Sienkiewicza 17, 59-420 Bolków

tel. 75 741-39-95

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Chata Morgana Agroturystyka

Jastrowiec 15, 59-420 Bolków

tel. 75 745-02-00, 605-339-675


Hotel Panorama

ul. Adama Mickiewicza 6, 59-420 Bolków

tel. 75 741-34-44, 606-331-938

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Zajazd Przy Kominku”

Nowe Rochowice 22, 59-420 Bolków

tel. 75 74-13-299, 604-973-622


Tourist Information Office:

Gminne Centrum Informacji Turystycznej

Rynek 3, 59-400 Jawor

tel./fax 76 870-33-71