Żmigród- The palace of Hatzefeld (a permanent ruin), the palace park, Poznańska/ Parkowa street
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Żmigród- The palace of Hatzefeld (a permanent ruin), the palace park

Very little is known of the history of the palace of the Hatzefeld family in Żmigród (previously: Trachenberg, Straburek). The earliest mentions of the settlement come from the 12th century. After a Tatar foray, a grad (a medieval settlement), fortified with earth ramparts, palisade and a moat, was situated here in 1241. It was founded by Henry III the White. In 1375  all the estates of Żmigród were owned by the Dukes of Oleśnica. When the last of them (Konrad X the White) died in 1492, the settlement became the property of the Bohemian king, Vladislas II. The king handed the stronghold over to a German feudal lord, Sigmunt von Kurcbach. In 1560 his descendant, Wilhelm von Kurzbach, initiated the construction of a tall, stone-brick tower dominating the vicinity. Ulrich Schaffgotsch bought the residence from the Kurzbach family in 1592. The fires and attacks of the Swedish troops during the Thirty Years War ruined the castle in the 17th century. The castle housed Swedish troop quarters between 1642 and 1650. Melchior von Hatzfeld was given the estate in Żmigród by the Holy Roman Emperor and Bohemian king, Ferdinand III, in the second half of the 17th century. The new owner ordered the construction of a Baroque palace in place of the ruined stronghold. The construction works were carried out between 1655 and 1660. The ruins of the site have survived to this day. A chapel by Cal and Domenic Rossi was built next to the palace. Only the tower was left of the previous structure. The palace was modernised twice in the 18th century.  The structure got and additional tier between 1706 and 1708, designed by Christoph Hackner. The eastern wing was added between 1762 and 1765, according to the design of Carl Gothard Langhans. In 1813, Tzar Alexander I and the Prussian king Frederick Wilhelm III, visited in the palace. Their stay resulted in the signing of the Tranchenberg Protocol (the Protocol of Żmigród).

After the damage of World War II, and a fire set by the Red Army in 1945, the edifice was never reconstructed. Maintenance works in the 1960s were carried out only in the oldest part of the site- the residential tower. A  project of modernisation and refurbishment of the park-palace complex and the tower, was carried out between 2006 and 2008, from European Union funds..

The Palace of Hatzfeld has survived in a state of ruin. The basements of the palace and the interior of the tower were converted into a restaurant and club room. The front façade was reconstructed. On its contemporary reinforcements, the promenade platforms were constructed. The Baroque portal, leading to the side entrance of the palace, have survived to our times. In the tower, which soon will be housing the Baszta Open Tourist Information Centre, one can find a commemorative plaque of the signing of Trachenberg protocol. It is a replica of the plaque from 1913; the replica was established in the 1990s. The walls of the palace chapel are from 1683, and the wall and the gate from 1920, have survived.  Next to the site there is vast park, which has grown wild. It has diversified-aged tree stand (between 80  and 150 years old), as it is a remnant of he park established in the second half of the 18th century. The ruins of an orangery from 1800 are located in the southern side of this 15-hectare park



Pałac Hatzfeldów

ul. Poznańska/ ul. Parkowa


How to get there:

The monument is located on the north-east side of Żmigród, by the Barycza River, near the crossroads of roads no.5 and 439. An access by PKP bus is available (the walk from the bus station by the marked trail takes about 20 minutes)



Admission to the ruins is free of charge; the observation deck on the tower is open to tourists.


Fixed and regular events taking place on the site:



Car parking:

One can park next to the ruins.


Places to eat:

Pałac Galeria Restauracja

ul. Poznańska 9, 55 – 140 Żmigród

tel. 71 727-96-09, 795-570-820


Bar Gastronomiczny Adamczyk Zofia i Andrzej

ul. Zielona 11a, 55 – 140 Żmigród

tel. 71 385-23-72



Hotel Barycz

ul. Poznańska 8, 55 - 140 Żmigród

tel. 71 385-34-21, 71 385-30-72


Kwatera Myśliwska

Niezgoda 13, 55 - 140 Żmigród

tel. 71 385-60-22, 692-252-270



Tourist information office:

Centrum Informacji Turystycznej w Żmigrodzie

ul. Parkowa 1, 55 – 140 Żmigród

tel. 71 385-39-31


e-mail: turystyka-zmigrod@o2.pl