Żelazno – a residential tower
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Żelazno – a residential tower

The tower in Żelazno was probably built in the late 15th century. Some historians consider it to have been funded by Jacob Stanke von Koritau, a burgrave of the castle in Kłodzko. Originally it could have been used as an outbuilding (a granary), a watchtower or a knights’ residence. It is certain that it was damaged by a fire in 1646 (during the Thirty Years’ War); after reconstruction in 1727 it was converted into a dwelling palace. The interior layout of the building was then changed – each floor, consisting of one room, was divided into two separate rooms and the window openings were extended. On the entrance portal the date 1727 was engraved.

In 1965 the tower was listed in the heritage register. In 1966 repair and maintenance work was carried out on the building. There were plans to create a Polish scout headquarters there and a site of national memory, but they were not realized. For decades the building was abandoned  and remained in disuse, falling into disrepair.

The tower is a stone, four-storey building built on a rectangular plan with sides of 6.5 m and 7 m. The stone cantilevers on the ground floor and fragments of the latrine on the first floor prove the medieval origins of the castle. Two narrow window openings, used as vent holes or shooting holes, were built in the later period.

Today the tower is private property and renovation work is being carried out there. The original walls are covered with new plastering.



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How to get there:

Żelazno is situated in the south-eastern part of the Kłodzko Valley. The tower is located on a hill, near a river, on the western side of the road from Kłodzko to Międzylesie. Buses running from Kłodzko stop at the crossroads about 200 m from the tower.



The site is not open to visitors, it is only possible to admire it from the oustide.


Fixed and regular events taking place on the site:



Car parking:

There is a cark park available near the tower.


Places to eat:

Przystanek – Bar

Żelazno 29, 57 – 361 Żelazno

tel. 74 868-92-82


Restauracja – pizzeria Helios

pl. Wolności 13, 57 - 500 Bystrzyca Kłodzka

tel. 74 644-12-80


e-mail: info@hotel.boot.pl


Zajazd Sukiennice

ul. Wojska Polskiego 4, 57 – 530 Międzylesie

tel. 74 812-65-35, 603-765-518


e-mail: kontakt@zajazdsukiennice.pl



Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy Zamek

Żelazno 54, 57 – 361 Żelazno

tel. 74 868-50-78



Agroturystyka Romanówka

Romanowo 27, 57 – 360 Ołdrzychowice

tel. 74 868-96-10, 509-830-874


e-mail: romanowka1@o2.pl


Hotel Zamek na Skale

Trzebieszowice 151, 57 – 540 Lądek Zdrój

tel. 74 865-20-00, 796-477-929


e-mail: zamek@zameknaskale.com.pl


Tourist Information Office:

Centrum Informacji Turystycznej

ul. Mały Rynek 2/1, 57 – 500 Bystrzyca Kłodzka

tel. 74 811-37-31

www.bystrzycaklodzka.pl, www.zgs.ta.pl

e-mail: promocja@bystrzycaklodzka.pl, zgs@ta.pl


Regionalna Informacja Turystyczna

ul. Bolesława Chrobrego 1, 57 – 300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 865-89-70, 74 865-89-71


e-mail: rit@powiat.klodzko.pl, bcp@um.klodzko.pl