Zapusta – the ruins of Rajsko castle, 14th / 16th century
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Zapusta – the ruins of Rajsko Castle, XIV-XIX

Rajsko Castle is located upon a hill by the right shore of the Kwisa River, between Leśniańskie and Złotnickie lakes, in the village of Zapusta, in Olszyna commune, in the Lubański county.

The earliest mentions of Rajsko come from the 13th century. The Duke of Świdnica, Bolko I, built it by the end of the this century. In 1431, during the Hussite Wars, the castle was conquered and plundered by the Hussites and it remained in ruin until the 19th century. Count Aleksander von Minutoli bought the castle in 1863, and between 1875 and 1878, he brought about the restoration of the castle in the neo-Gothic style, using the preserved original details of the stone vaults and decorative elements of sandstone, marble and metalwork. He laid out a path from the castle to the shore of the Kwisa. Now, the stone staircase is severely damaged.

In the castle, he founded a museum, which continued to exist until World War I. Its diverse collection consisted of: glass and earthenware from Venice, ancient cups and jugs, African masks, militaria, furnishings and the paintings of such artists as Albrecht Dürer, Paolo Veronese and Rembrandt. A general uprising took place in 1919. The local peasants took over and destroyed the castle. Part of the count’s collection was irretrievably lost. The items saved were moved to the nearby palace. After the death of von Muntoli, Rajsko became the property of his daughter Anna von Pfeil, who subsequently leased it to Lubańskie Towarzystwo Schronisk Młodzieżowych (The Association of Youth Hostels of Lubań). The association carried out another alternation, and after finishing the works, the castle was converted into a hostel. The building once again fell into ruin in 1945, but it was still partly used. In 1969 the structure burned and it has remained a ruin ever since.

Nowadays, only the residential tower, with a portal, and the entrance gate are preserved. From the tower one can admire tremendous views over the nearby lakes and meadows. Reportedly, a secret underground passage built by baron Minutoli was built between the castle and the residence in Biedrzychowice. The passage is said to contain the remains of the victims of a plague epidemic that broke out during the count’s life.


Rajsko Castle (Zamek Rajsko)

59-830 Zapusta, Lower Silesia


How to get there:

The castle is located within the boundaries of Zapusta village, by the road between Leśna and Biedrzychowice, about 5 km to the west from Gryfów Śląski.


The ruins belong to a private owner.

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Bar Zagłoba”

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