Witostowice – a water castle
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Witostowice – a water castle

Originally, on the site of the castle in Witostowice (former name: Schönjohnsdorf) there was a small grad (a medieval settlement). The castle was probably built in the early 14th century on the initiative of the dukes of Ziębice. The first account of it comes from 1331. In 1351 the building was handed over from Nicholas the Small, duke of Ziębice to Peter von Domanz, a knight. In the late 15th century the fortress was owned by the von Stosch family, on whose initiative the building was completely reconstructed in the 16th century. Thus a Renaissance mansion with improved fortifications, including bastilles and moats, was created. More modernization took place in the 17th century – more than 1 km long defensive wall was built around the structure. After the death of the last member of the von Stosch family, the estate of Witostowice repeatedly changed owners. In 1738 the building passed into the hands of the Cistercian Order from a nearby village called Henryków. The reconstruction of the castle, which took place after a fire in the second half of the 18th centiry, did not restore it to its former splendour. It then lost its defensive function. In the first half of the 19th century the fortress belonged to the Prussian kings and, later on, to the dukes of Saxon-Weimar. During the next half of the century the building underwent further renovation work which significantly changed the shape of the castle. The structure was damaged by the Poles after the end of World War II. After 1945 the building housed a State Agricultural Farm, residences and warehouses. In the 1970’s the damaged castle was renovated.

Today the castle is privately owned. However, no renovations are being carried out. It is a three-winged structure with an inner courtyard. Its shape resembles the letter “U”. In the south-east corner there is a five-storey residential tower, built on a square plan. The other buildings are lower – two or three-storey. In the south-western corner there is a fortified tower, on the front side their is a bastile. The complex is surrounded by old oaks. There is still water in the moat – hence the name “water castle”. Masses are celebrated in the chapel next to the castle.



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How to get there:

The village of Witostowive is situated 13 km from Ziębice and 23 km from Ząbkowice Śląskie. It is possible to take a Polbus bus (former PKS) from Ziębice or Strzelin (the bus stop is right next to the castle). The castle is visible from the road.



Admission to the castle is not allowed.


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Car parking:

There is no car park available in the vicinity.


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Restauracja w Hotelu Maria

ul. Wzgórze Parkowe, 57 - 100 Strzelin

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e-mail: recepcja@hotel-maria.pl


Der – Dans. Restauracja

 ul. Wałowa 34, 57 - 220 Ziębice

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Ziębiczanka. Restauracja. Mąkosza M.

ul. Kolejowa 44, 57 - 220 Ziębice

tel. 74 819-16-75



Nietoperek Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne

Gębczyce 28F, 57 – 100 Strzelin

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Eceat – Jerzy Trawiński

Nowina 5, 57 – 210 Henryków

tel. 74 810-24-22

www.poland.eceat.org, www.nowina5.pl


Kwatera Prywatna Kasia i Tomek

Krzelków 43B, 57 – 220 Ziębice

tel. 74 815-55-19, 600-927-186


Tourist information office:

Powiatowe Centrum Informacji Turystycznej

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