Trzebieszowice – a palace – park complex
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Trzebieszowice – a palace – park complex

The original Renaissance manor in Trzebieszowice was built between 1550 and 1625 on the site of the ruins of a knights’ manor – a stone and wooden castle the first mention of which dates back to the 15tth century. The estate in Trzebieszowice was owned by the Reichenbach family and was called Steinhof (the Stone Manor, the Castle on a Rock). In the late 17th century, when the manor passed into the hands of the Wallis family, it was rebuilt in the Baroque style. A new wing with stables, a two-storey orangery on the first floor and a new tower were added. In 1783 the estate was purchased by count Ludwik Friedrich von Schlabendorf. In 1813 Wilhelm III, king of Prussia, celebrated his birthday in Trzebieszowice. The last reconstruction of the building was carried out between 1903 and 1905 at the initiative of the Chamare – Harbuval family. At that time a living room with a panoramic balcony was built. It was lined with wood panelling in the Art Nouveau and the Neo-Renaissance style; an Art Nouveau ornament, depicting the lady of the manor, was placed on the door. In the 19th century the courtyard was covered with a glass roof.

Today the palace houses the Castle on a Rock holiday centre (Zamek na skale). There is a restaurant, conference rooms and a spa. A wooden, sculptured staircase reflecting the mature Baroque Vienna style has been preserved in the interior. Fragments of the stone walls of the knights’ house have been preserved in the basement. The site is surrounded by a 13 hectare park.



Castle on a Rock (Hotel Zamek na Skale)

Trzebieszowice 151, 57 – 540 Lądek Zdrój

tel. 74 865-20-00, 796-477-929



How to get there:

The village of Trzebieszowice is sitatued on the road from Lądek Zdrój to Kłodzko in the valley of Biała Lądecka. It is possible to get a Polbus bus (former PKS) from Kłodzko to Trzebieszowice. The palace is located on a bend of the river Biała Lądecka. It is easy to find.



There is a hotel in the palace.


Fixed and regular events taking place on the site:



Car parking:

Next to the holiday centre there is a car park for guests.