Stara Kamienica – a castle
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Stara Kamienica – the castle

The history of the castle is rather complicated and mysterious. The earliest mention of the grad (a medieval settlement) situated in the place comes from 1242, the year when Boleslaus the Horned handed over the renovated castle to the knight Sciboto Scoff, the ancestor of the Silesian Schaffgotschs family. Originally the structure was made of wood and earth. Having been renovated, the castle was destroyed during the Hussite Wars. After 1560 the Schaffgotsch family remodeled the medieval edifice into Renaissance residence. The new mansion was made of stone, built on a rectangular plan with a gate tower and a yard surrounded with residential buildings on the southern and eastern side. On August 20th 1616 the structure burned down. It was the property of Hans Urlich Schaffgotsch at the time. It was rebuilt by Johann Ulrich Schaffgotsch.  The stronghold housed the headquarters of the Swedish Army during the Thirty Years’ War in 1640. In 1635 Johann Ulrich was beheaded by order of the Roman Emperor and Bohemian King; then the estate was sold to a Hungarian count, Nicolas Palffy. Count Žerotin from Moravia became the next owner in 1680. Stara Kamienica was again severely damaged during a flood in July 1702. Schmidt, a merchant from Jelenia Góra, was the latest owner of the palace. In 1758, a year after his death, a fire occurred in Stara Kamienica; the majority of the buildings in the village burned down together with the castle. Since no reconstruction work was carried out, the castle fell into ruin.

A garden gate from 1705, decorated with sculpture of Hercules, has survived in the area of the old farm near the castle tower. Some pillars of the stone bridge can be seen on the site of a  former moat. 



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How to get there:

By car from Wrocław: by the A4 highway in the direction to Zgorzelec, then road no. 5 and road no. 3. In Jelenia Góra  the exit onto the road in the direction of Szklarska Poręba, in the city take an exit onto the road to Gryfów Śląski (road no. 30), in Rybnica the exit onto the road to Stara Kamienica. In total about 120 km. The ruins are located in the middle of the village, on the western side of the road leading to Nowa Kamienica. The site is rather difficult to find. One needs to go straight on at the crossroads in Stara Kamienica and head towards Barcinek. Next, turn left past the church. The tower is situated right next to the road, on the left hand side.



Only the castle tower is in a reasonably state of repair. The entrance to the old castle yard is situated at the base of the tower. The old basement in the yard can be entered only at one’s own risk. Entrance is free of charge.



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Car parking:

There is no car park in the vicinity.


Places to eat:

Restauracja przy Hotelu Caspar

pl. Piastowski 28, 58-560 Jelenia Góra – Cieplice

tel. 75 645-50-01, 665-501-228



Restauracja przy Hotelu Zaułek

ul. Wolności 36, Olszyna

tel. 75 721-25-88,olszyna.html

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Karczma Karkonoska

ul. 1 Maja, Szklarska Poręba

tel. 75 717-21-22, 603-600-052




Agroturystyka Agro 100

Stara Kamienica 100, 58-512 Stara Kamienica

tel. 75 751-42-70



Dom Panorama Pod Gwiazdami

Kopaniec 147, 58-512 Kopaniec

tel. 75 751-42-74, 606-135-357

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Stare Siedlisko Radomice

ul. Radomice 36, Wleń

tel. 72 544-96-75

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Tourist Information Office:

Punkt Informacji Turystycznej

ul. Jedności Narodowej 1a, 58-580 Szklarska Poręba

tel. 75 754-77-40