Staniszów – a palace and park complex
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Staniszów – the palace and park complex

The palace was built between 1784 and 1787 at the request of Count Heinrich von Reuss XXXVIII, whose wife - Henriette Otilie von Schmettau, was heir to a pre-existing assets of Staniszowski. In 1790, at the command of the owners, the building was surrounded by  a large, almost 200-hectare, park designed by Josef Lenne in which the artificial ruins of the 19th  century castle, an artificial grotto, hanging rocks, a hermitage, an orangery and an observation tower of Bismarck were placed. In 1806 Prince Henry XXXVIII commissioned the building in Grodna (then located within the park) of artificial ruins - the so-called castle of Prince Henry. The project was completed by Prince Henry XII in 1841. Since 1811 the castle brewery has been producing a liqueur based on local herbs (currently it is produced in the suburbs of Hamburg); the liqueur was served at the inn built by the Reuss. Guests were also attracted to Staniszów by the fame of Hans Rischmann, a "flying prophet" who claimed to be able to fly and to predict wars and who resided on the Vitosh mountain during the Thirty Years’ War. In 1816 the palace and park complex was visited by Izabela Czartoryska who later commissioned the establishment of a similar park in Puławy. After 1945 the palace housed an anti-tuberculosis centre for children, an emergency care centre, an Experimental Agricultural Station and the fire brigade. From the 1990s the property was not used and fell into disrepair. In 2001 renovation work started.

Today the palace houses a hotel and a restaurant. There is a pond with a bridge, fish ponds for fishing and a climbing wall open to guests. In the park one can admire the remains of the artificial ruins. The whole park layout consists of two parts: an English-style park and a forest. The residence houses: the Rotary Club (since 2003), the “Staniszow palace” gallery which promotes artists from the Western Sudety region, the headquarters of the Foundation Forum Staniszow (since 2005) organizing Muzykalia Staniszowskie (including concerts by the Lower Silesian Philharmonic from Jelenia Gora, the International Opera Workshop and picnics). The plan is to carry out repairs to the outbuildings of the manor, where it is planned to establish in one building - a Spa center with a pool (completion planned for 2012) and in the second building – an Arts and Cultural Centre (perhaps this will be opened as early as 2011).

The site is located in the vicinity of the mountain resorts – Karpacz and Szklarska Poręba, and near Jelenia Góra (6 km).



Pałac Staniszów

Pałac Staniszów 100, 58 - 500 Jelenia Góra

tel. 75 755-84-45




How to get there: 

By car from Wrocław. You can also use Polbus services (former PKS) - there is a direct connection from Wroclaw to Staniszów Palace.



The site is open to visitors of the hotel and the restaurant.


Fixed and regular events taking place on the site:



Car parking:

There is a car park for hotel guests on the premises.


Places to eat:

Restauracja Pałac na Wodzie

Staniszów 23, 58-500 Jelenia Góra

 tel. 75 755-70-31/ 608-084-901



Bar gastronomiczny Szarotka. Rafał Miedziak

Staniszów 58 a, 58 – 500 Staniszów

tel. -

There is no website or e-mail address available.


Restauracja Hotel Cieplice

ul. Cervi 11, Jelenia Góra

tel. 75 755-10-41




Noclegi Agroturystyczne Srebrny Las

Staniszów 116 a

tel. 75 755-83-97, 509-228-246



Pensjonat Przesieka

ul. Dolina Czerwienia 11 A, 58- 562 Przesieka

tel. 75 762-17-24, 783-386-732





Rezydencja Lawendowe Wzgórze

Zachełmie 64, 58 – 562 Podgórzyn

tel. 75 762-15-17



Tourist Information Office: 

Punkt Informacji Turystycznej i Kulturalnej

ul. Bankowa 27, Jelenia Góra

tel. 75 767-69-25

Open: Monday – Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m., Sunday (July – September) from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.