St. Łomnica – a residential tower, now a utility building within the complex of the „middle’ manor
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Stara Łomnica – residential tower, now a utility building within the complex of the „Middle” manor.

The tower in Stara Łomnica was erected in the late 14th century, on the initiative of the Pannewitz family. In the 15th century the object was expanded: an additional building was constructed and the enlarged yard was surrounded with a wall. In the 16th century, it became the so called „middle manor” (in the village, there were also upper manor and lower manor – other Renaissance mansions belonging to the Pannewitz). When the tower was undergoing reconstruction after a fire in 1617, the interior layout was altered and an additional storey was created by dividing the 6-metre-high ground floor. The ground floor served as a utility area, the first floor contained a representative hall, and the second floor was divided into two rooms. The wooden stairs leading to the floor could be easily destroyed in case of an accident. In 1625 the middle manor with the tower passed into the hands of bishop Karl Habsburg, since the former owners had fallen into disgrace for having supported the Bohemian Revolt of 1618. The tower was subsequently purchased by Austrian noblemen. From that moment on, each of the three manors in Łomnica belonged to a different owner, with the middle mannor still in the hands of the Pannewitz family.


The tower was made of crushed rock gravel. It was established on a rectangular plan and initially it had four storeys. It was latered covered by a pitched roof. Its small windows were unevenly distributed.

During World War II, the tower was a prison for the American prisoners of war. After the war, the building was used as a storehouse where hay was stacked. Makeshift protections prevented the tower from collapsing.


Today, the tower is a part of the housing buildings. A small Gothic entrance portal with profiled pediments was preserved along with the coats of arms of the Pannewitz and Habsburg families. Fragments of the medieval peripheral wall were also preserved. A pond – remnant of an old moat – is located nearby, on the other side of the road. The building’s technical condition is poor, the interior is mostly ruined and therefore there is no possibility of accessing the tower’s upper storeys.





How to get there:

Stara Łomnica is located 17 km south-west from Kłodzko. The object is situated by the main road, next to the church. By public bus transportation (Polbus) from Kłodzko, a bus stop right by the tower.



The tower is not a tourist attraction and is located on private property. You may ask the tenants of the former middle manor for permission to visit the premises.


Car parking:

You may park your car nearby.


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