Rząsiny – a palace – park complex 18th – 19th century
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Rząsiny – a palace – park complex 18th – 19th century

The first accounts of the village come from 1305. It was probably a subordinated settlement to Podskale Castle, built at the turn of the 13th and the 14th century.

The Renaissance manor was built about 1550, by Ramphold von Talkenberg. In the second half of the 18th century it was rebuilt, the ceilings were changed, and cavetto vaults and stucco decorations were added. In the early 20th century there were annexes added and another storey was built.

It is a brick, three-storey structure, built on a rectangular plan, with a risalith on the axis. The palace is covered with a mansard roof. There is a garret apartment and a column portico on the front side. In the rooms on the ground floor some vaultings, window framings and fireplaces have been preserved. Next to the manor there is an 18th century landscaped park in the Romantic style and large farm buildings from the late 19th century.

In the village there are ruins of Podskale castle. In the mid-14th century, the fortress was owned by the Talkenberg family. One of its members, Bernard, was a robber baron. For this reason the armies of the Czech and Hungarian king, Matthias Corvinus, commanded by Georg von Stein, along with the inhabitants of Lwówek Śląski, and miners from Kowary, damaged the castle so that it would not serve any robber barons in the future. The Talkenberg family remained in the village until the late 15th century (at that time fragments of the castle were rebuilt and occupied by Christoph von Talkenberg and his son Rampholdem). Finally, around 1530, the castle was abandoned and has been falling into disrepair ever since.



Pałac Rząsiny

Rząsiny 73a, 59-620 Gryfów Śląski

tel. 75 555-55-55

e-mail: palac@palacrzasiny.pl


How to get there:

The site is situated on the road connecting Lwówek Śląski and Gryfów Śląski. You can get to Rząsiny by Polbus bus (former PKS) from Lwówek Śląski to Gryfów Śląski.



The site is a private property and is being renovated at the moment.


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Places to eat:

Restauracja „Magnolia”

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Pizzeria „Pasja”

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Bar „Nad Bobrem”

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Bar „Skrzat” 

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Restauracja „Piast”

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Hotel Sportowy „Olimp”

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Hotel „Piast”

ul. Jaśkiewicza 1, 59-600 Lwówek Śląski

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