Rybnica – a castle
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Rybnica – the castle

The date of the construction of the castle and its history are not certain. What is sure is that the emperor Charles IV stayed in it in the 14th century. The castle could have been the residence of the von Reibnitz family, who lived in the town until 1423 (although it cannot be confirmed whether the edifice was the property of the family). Henricus de Rybnicz is mentioned in a document from 1288. The date 1234 was uncovered on one of the walls during renovation work in 1750; this might indicate the date of the construction of the oldest part of the structure. The date was painted over in 1758 when the building belonged to a merchant called Smith. Further renovation took place in 1786 and in 1794. Subsequently the building began to fall into disrepair. The dilapidated building served for farming purposes during the first quarter of the 19th century, when count Gottlieb Wilhelm von Bressler was the owner of the castle. The unused building became a complete ruin in the second quarter of the 19th century.

The castle was rather small, it had relatively large rectangular windows with a stone return and rectangular window framing. Sgraffito decoration covered the elevation of the building and it was most probably created when the extensions were added in the 16th and 17th century. The ground floor of the building consisted of a staircase, a corridor, a kitchen and two or three residential rooms. The same number of chambers, the corridor and a big room were situated on the first floor. Some drawings by F. B. Werner from the 18th century have survived, depicting the original form of the castle – a two-tier edifice with two wings, a steep gabled roof and a high circular tower. A small park lay near the castle.

Nowadays the castle is on ruins. All that has survived are sizeable fragments of the walls of the residential house and tiny fragments of the curtain walls and filled basements of the barrel vaulting. The walls were built with rubble stone (granite) and the window frames were made of brick. There is in information board about the medieval monument near the road.



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How to get there:

By car from Wrocław: by the A4 highway in the direction to Zgorzelec, then road no. 5 and road no. 3. In Jelenia Góra  the exit onto the road in the direction of Szklarska Poręba, in the city take an exit onto the road to Gryfów Śląski (road no. 30), in Rybnica the exit onto the road to Stara Kamienica. In total about 120 km. Reaching the ruins is not easy, as it requires negotiating a steep slope thick with plants. In order to get to the village, drive from Stara Kamienica and turn right about 100 m before the sign for ‘Rybnica’, onto an asphalt road. Go under the railway bridge until you reach a dirt road leading to a pond; the ruins are placed on the hill just past the pond.



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It is hard to find any parking place in the vicinity, because the site is located in the middle of the village and it is hidden by trees.


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