Roztoka – A palace with landscape park
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Roztoka – the palace with landscape park

The Baroque palace in Roztoka was erected around 1720, for the von Hochberg family, the former owners of Książ. The structure was probably built on the place of an old mansion. The palace building has the shape of quadrangle with an inner yard. It has three-storeys, and it is topped with the mansard roof. The main entrance is emphasized by a portico with balcony. In the coping of the portico one can find coat-of-arms cartouches bolstered by the figures of a knight. A piano nobile with rich décor is placed in the palace. The rooms on the ground floor are topped with original ceilings. One can find parts of the stucco work on the first floor. The two-tier ball room is decorated with plafond paintings with allegorical scenes. The high, square tower is located on the park side. The original window stonework and numerous architectural details have survived to this day.

The palace is surrounded by the remnants of the moat with stone bridges. The garden, dating back to the early 18th and the 20th centuries, is also located here. The landscape park is adjacent to the building on the west side. The park comprises numerous botanical specimens and a pool from around 1870. The stables, the riding arena and the farm buildings (on the north and the east side) also belong to the palace complex.

Currently, the palace is in disuse, but is has survived in good condition and is protected from decrepitude. It is in private possession and is uninhabited. The area is fenced and visiting is not possible.





How to get there:

Roztoka is located in Świdnicki district in the community of Dobromierz, 10 km from Jawor, 10 km from Strzegom, and 15 km from Świebodzice.



Currently there is no access to the palace, one can admire the building from the outside and enter the area of the landscape park.


Car parking:

Parking is available in the vicinity of the site, no charge.


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