Radomierzyce – a palace
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Radomierzyce – a palace, a park

The Joachimstein palace complex, is a former evangelical educational centre, for young women of noble origin. It was founded on the initiative of a Polish-Saxon chamberlain, Sigismund con Ziegler. It was built between 1713 and 1722, on the design of Johann Friedrich Karcher and Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann, architects from Dresden, with the cooperation of many craftsmen and artists. The main building was built on a plan similar to the letter “H”, with side wings. It is a three-storey structure covered with a mansard roof. The main entrance is decorated with a risalith and a column portal, the elevation is  richly decorated with architectural details. Inside the building there is an impressive staircase. Above the hall there is the Large Room (called the White Room), which covers two storeys, its walls are covered with stucco decorations.

On the eastern and western side, the palace complex is surrounded by terraces of the former gardens, is partly surrounded by a retaining wall with bastions. There complex also includes two pavilion buildings, four annexes and an entrance gate whose architecture resembles the palace building.

The whole complex is surrounded by a water canal supplied by water from the nearby Witka River, and from an exterior dyke, preceded by a bridge on the canal. Thus an artificial island has been created, accessed by two stone bridges.

The Baroque complex was damaged during World War II and has not been used since 1945. In 1999, a renovation was started on the initiative of a private investor; it has been completed in large part.

There is no possibility of visiting the castle, the area is fenced, the site is not open to visitors, it is private property.



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The village is situated in the county and community of Zgorzelec, 12 km from Zgorzelec, 25 km from Lubań.



The site is not open to visitors.


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