Proszówka – the ruins of Gryf Castle, 13th – 14th, 16th
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Proszówka – the ruins of Gryf Castle, 13th – 14th, 16th

Gryf Castle  was built on a steep basaltic hill by the Kwisa River. It was one of the largest castle in the Izerskie Highlands. It was the part of the defensive system of the Kwisa District. The structure was erected by Konrad, the Duke of Głogów, in the second half of the 13th century. As the result of the take-over of the county of Świdnica by the Bohemian kings, from 1399 the castle was the property of the von Schaffgotsch family. The building was extended in the mid-16th and 17th centuries, by the addition of the three-tier residential tower.

When the construction of the palace was started in 1789, the walls of the castle were demolished in order to acquire some building material for the farm located at the bottom of the hill. The administration of the estate was moved to the farm building. Ever since, the castle has been falling into ruin.

Gryf Castle was built on a plan similar to an oval, oblong in the east-west axis. The structure consisted of three parts: the Lower Castle, Middle Castle and Upper Castle. The entrance to the lower bailey was located on the south-east and it led through a gate combined with the guard house. The chancellery was situated by the eastern side of the walls and it was built on a rectangular plan. By the north-western part of the wall, one can see the outline of the gate of the Middle castle. The Upper Castle was formed in an irregular  pentagonal shape, it is here one can see the remnants of the geometrical sgraffito decorations, on the inner parts of the walls of the yard.

Currently, the ruins of the castle are private property. The palace is a residential house, not open to visitors.


Gryf Castle

Zamek „Gryf”

Adres, 59-620 Proszówka, woj. dolnośląskie


How to get there:

The ruins are located on a high, forested hill to the left of the road going from Świeradów to Gryfów Śląski.



The castle is private property; the palace houses a residential building.


Car Parking:

In front of the site.


Places to eat:

Restauracja „Magnolia”

ul. Floriańska  15, 59-620 Gryfów Śląski

tel. 697-055-751



„Pizzeria Pasja”

ul. Kolejowa  25, 59-620 Gryfów Śląski

tel. 75 781-13-00


„Zajazd Wojciechów”

Wojciechów 16, 59-623 Lubomierz

tel. 75 789-23-33, 603-111-122



 Restauracja „Maraton”

ul. Betleja 24,  59-630 Mirsk

tel.75 78 34 519


Art. Bar Cegielski

Chmieleń 93, 59-623 Lubomierz

tel. 75 783-36-98, 75 789-40-37, 603-058-348




Agroturystyka „Nad stawami”

Nad Stawami 1, 59-850 Gryfów Śląski

tel.: 75 78 12 661, 606 553 428

fax: 75 78 14 851



Hotel „Stacja nad Kwisą”

ul. Kolejowa 31, 59-620 Gryfów Śląski

tel.: 75 71 37 028

fax: 75 71 37 029



Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne „Agromurena”

Nad Stawami  2, 59-620 Gryfów Śląski

tel. 600-934-774



Pokoje Gościnne w Lubomierzu

Plac Wolności 35, 59-623 Lubomierz

Tel. 75 78 33 942,  504 117 657

Fax: 75 78 33 199


Pensjonat Agroturystyczny „Mogador”

Szyszkowa, 59 – 820 Leśna

tel.: 75 72 11


Tourist Information Office:

Tourist Information Office in Lubań (Informacja Turystyczna w Lubaniu)

ul. Bracka  12, 59-800 Lubań

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