Prochowice – a castle, Kopernika street
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Prochowice – the castle

The castle was erected in the early 14th century, probably upon the foundations of the older grad (a type of medieval defensive settlement). Around 1422, Otton von Zedlitz, rebuilt the wooden castle into a brick one, and enclosed the site with fortifications with a tower on the west. The castle was converted into a Renaissance residence in the 16th century, with the contribution of the Duke of Legnica, Frederick III. The fortifications were modernized at the time, by the addition of an outer ring with the bastions.

Upon the initiation of George Rudolf of Liegnitz’s (the Duke of Legnica), the elevations were covered with sgraffito, the castle halls were decorated, and the garden and the menagerie were established in the early 17th century. The castle was damaged and devastated during the war, and it later gradually fell into ruin.

The castle complex was built on a plan similar to the letter “E”. It consists of three parallel buildings, connected by the unfinished east wing. They have the shape of a quadrangle, and they are built of brick. The entrance gate is located on the south. The defensive tower and the residential house are also part of the site.

The medieval wings of the castle along with the tower, all decorated with rich Renaissance details, have survived to this day. In the oldest part one can find sgraffito decorations. The remnants of the moat and bridge have also survived. The old neo-romantic park from the late 19th century is adjacent to the castle. Currently, the site is in bad condition and it requires refurbishment.


How to get there:

The settlement is located 16 km from Legnica, about 80 km from Wrocław.



The site is private property and can be admired only from the outside.



There is no car park available.


Places to eat:

Mała Moskwa” Restauracja rosyjska

ul. Kręta 6, 59-220 Legnica

tel. 790-887-091



Restauracja i Kawiarnia „Ratuszowa

Rynek 39 (Ratusz), 59-400 Legnica

tel. 76 623-33-07


Pizzeria „Sapore”

al. Marszałka Piłsudskiego 18, 59-220 Legnica

tel. 76 722-22-40


Hotel - Restauracja „Kamieniczka

ul. Młynarska 15-16, 59-220 Legnica

tel. 76 723-73-92 do 96



Hotel i Restauracja „Arkadia

ul. Gliwicka 6, 59-220 Legnica

Hotel tel. 76 850-78-00, 76 850-78-01, fax 76 850-78-02; restauracja tel. 76 850-78-03




Zajazd u Beaty i Violetty

Kawice, 59-230 Prochowice

tel./fax 76 858-49-22, 76 858-45-79, 512-084-410, 500-160-157




ul. Kościuszki 37, 59-220 Legnica

tel. 76 851-25-35, fax 76 862-04-44




ul. Nowodworska 30, 59-220 Legnica

tel. 76 722-09-91



Hotelik Villa

ul. Ks. B. Gładysza 12, 59-220 Legnica

tel./fax 76 850-22-23

A contact form is available on the website.



ul. Żółkiewskiego 8, Legnica

tel./fax 76 723-80-47

There is no website or e-mail address available.


Tourist Information Office


PTTK O/Prochowice

ul. Legnicka 5, 59-230 Prochowice

tel. 76 858 45-20