Podzamek – a palace, today a Nursing Home, a palace complex
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Podzamek – a palace, today a Nursing Home, a palace complex

The palace in Podzamek was built on the site of a Renaissance manor from the 16th century which belonged to the parish of the Augustinians from Kłodzko. In 1554 the building was purchased by the chancellor of the Kłodzko Land, Heinrich von Rengern. Over the years, the estates of Podzamek changed owners many times. In 1572 it belonged to the imperial war advisor Hansa von Pannwitz und Mechwitz auf Pogrell, in 1669 to duchess Maria Benigna Piccolomini von Arragona, after 1696 to count Jan Emil von Goetze and in 1780 to his descendant, Anton von Magnis. In the 18th century the building was reconstructed. In the 19th century, when it was owned by the commander of a cavalry brigade, count Oskar von Strachwitz, it took on its current, Neo-Gothic shape. The palace is a two-storey, three-winged structure with a quadrilateral tower resembling the town hall tower of Florence. In the palace wing, on the second and the third floors, there is a chapel of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is eclectic in nature and was built on a Greek cross plan.

During martial law, troops of the Motorized Reserves of the Citizens' Militia (ZOMO) were stationed in the palace. Later the building served as a holiday centre, among other things. The Renaissance portal, made by Jerzy Daniel, has survived to this day. On the elevations traces of the sgraffito decorations have been preserved. Today the building houses a Nursing Home. The site is surrounded by a well-maintained park. On the other side of the road on which the palace is situated, on the edge of the forest, there is a mausoleum. One of the owners of the castle is buried there – Oskar von Strachwitz and his wife, Hedwig. The palace chapel  is taken care of by the Franciscan Fathers from Kłodzko.



Dom Pomocy Społecznej Podzamek

Podzamek 28, 57 – 300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 867-28-09, 74 867-85-07


e-mail: podzamek@post.pl


How to get there:

The village Podzamek is situated 5 km east from Kłodzko, on road no. 49 leading to Złoty Stok. The palace is located on the road (on the left side). There is a bus stop nearby.



At the moment the palace is not open to visitors. The palace chapel is accessible – it is open on Sundays before the mass at 10.00 a.m. The mausoleum, situated in the area, is also open to tourists.


Fixed and regular events taking place on the site:



Car parking:

The Nursing Home, situated in the palace, has its own car park. It is also possible to park in front of the entrance gate.


Places to eat:

Restauracja W Ratuszu

pl. Chrobrego 3, 57 – 300 Kłodzko


e-mail: info@wratuszu.pl


Restauracja Oregano

ul. Daszyńskiego 10, 57 – 300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 865-90-99


Korkodyl. Restauracja – Pizzeria

ul. Rodzinna 83, 57 – 300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 867-11-51


e-mail: biuro@korkodyl.com.pl



Hotel Metro

Boguszyn 79 B, 57 – 300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 811-92-00


e-mail: recepcja@hotelmetro.pl


Willa Kłodzko – Zacisze

ul. Czarnieckiego 1A, 57 - 300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 867-89-99


e-mail: info@klodzko-zacisze.pl


Hotel Korona

ul. Noworudzka 1, 57 - 300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 867-37-37


e-mail: hotel-korona@wp.pl


Tourist information office:

Regionalna Informacja Turystyczna

ul. Bolesława Chrobrego 1, 57 – 300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 865-89-70, 74 865-89-71


e-mail: rit@powiat.klodzko.pl, bcp@um.klodzko.pl