Piotrkowice - the palace, the palace granary, the palace park
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Piotrkowice- the palace, the palace granary, the palace park

The Baroque palace in Piotrkowice (previously Schloss Gross Peterwitz) was erected around 1693 as the residence of the Collon family. The four-tier, three-nave structure was built on a rectangular plan and it is topped with mansard roof with shed dormers. The elevations were divided with pilasters with decorated shafts. The rich decoration of the façade was created by Giobanni Simonetti, the author of the stuccos in the Chapel of Saint Elizabeth in the Wrocław Cathedral, and in the stock building in Lipsk. Terraces, supported by arcades, are situated on the front and on the garden sides. A hallway with barrel vaulting, covered with strapwork, was located in the ground level. Over the 130 years of its existence, the palace continuously changed owners. In 1787, the palace was taken into possession by the von Danckelman family. It stayed in their hands until the end of World War II. Due to the meteoric careers of seven family members, the family was often referred to as “the constellation of the seven Dackelman stars”. They were given the title of baron in 1695. The palace was partly refurbished  in the 19th century. After World War II the building housed a State Agricultural Farm, a diary and a school. After that it remained in disuse.

The present palace in Piotrkowice is private property, but it is derelict and highly devastated. The roof was renovated, but nevertheless, the structure is still subject to the adverse influence of weather conditions (some of the windows are missing). Despite the disrepair, the simple body of the building, along with all its decorations, make an immense impact. The building is surrounded by a wild landscape park from the mid-19th century, where the mausoleum of the von Danckelman family, from 1850, and a granary from the first half of the 19th century, are located.



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How to get there:

Piotrkowice is located 8 km to the south-west of Żmigród, by road no. 399. The monument is located in the middle of the village.



The site is private possession. The area is fenced, the palace can be admired from the outside.


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Possible next to the palace.


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