Oława – the Piast Castle with the former palace of Luiza (currently the Municipal Office), Piastowski Square/ Zamkowy Square
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Oława – the Piast Castle with the former palace of Luiza (currently the Municipal Office), Piastowski Square/ Zamkowy Square

A grad (a type of medieval defensive settlement) existed in the south-western part of Oława in the late 12th and 13th century. The brick castle was constructed between 1359 and 1398, in the northern part of the settlement, on the initiative of the Duke of Legnica and Brzeg, Louis I, the son of Bolesław III the Generous. The structure was built on a trapezoidal plan, whereas the brick-stone tower, 20 m high, was built on a rectangular plan, with a measure of 6 m x 7m. Renaissance elements were added to the residence thanks to architect Bernard Niuronow, in the late 16th century, on the initiative of Duke Joachim Frederick. The residential part was extended at the time, and the tower was topped with a spire (which survived to the 1930s). The fortifications were reinforced – four fortified towers were created in the corners, and earthen ramparts were built around the buildings. The structure was once again modernised in the third quarter of the 17th century, when the castle belonged to Christian, the Duke of Wołów, and his wife, Duchess Luiza nee von Anhalt. Carlo Rossi and Luca Giovani, the Italian masters, remodelled the residence in the Baroque style. They added a new part of the castle called the palace of the Duchess Luiza. This four-tier structure, with portal decorated with the duchess’ coat-of-arms, had loggia located on the side of the yard. Baroque gardens were established in place of the moats. In place of the fortified towers, bastions were created. The site belonged to the son of John III Sobieski, James Sobieski and his wife Hedwig Elisabeth. On their initiative, a storey was added in the northern gallery and farm buildings were included. The library was also extended. In the 18th century the castle housed a field hospital, offices, depots and a bakery. The edifice was partly demolished between 1833 and 1834. During World War II further damages were inflicted on the structure. Between 1952 and 1958, the residence was partly reconstructed, for administrative needs. The northern wing and the gate tower were demolished in the 1970s.

Currently the castle houses a municipal office. The four-tier building is located in the southern part of the old yard. The portal of the original entrance gate and the Baroque copings of the shorter elevations of the structure have survived. The former Baroque décor of the Sala Rycerska (Knights Chamber) were replaced with stuccowork by Pasternak. The castle has new elevations. In the plans of the Municipal Office in Oława there is a reconstruction of the north-western bastion and the restoration of the garden of the Piast Castle.



The Municipal Office in Oława (Urząd Miejski w Oławie)

pl. Zamkowy 15, 55 – 200 Oława

tel. 71 303-55-01, 71 303-55-02


e-mail: olawa@um.pl


How to get there:

Oława is located 25 km on the south-east of Wrocław. Polbus and PKP connections are available. The site is situated about 20 minutes on foot from the PKP station



Entrance is free of charge, one can admire the structure from the inside.


Car Parking:

A car park is located next to the site. 


Places to eat:

Bar Arma

pl. Szymanowskiego 32, 55 – 200 Oława

tel. 71 303-83-08

There is no website or e-mail address available.


Restauracja Klubowa

pl. J. Piłsudskiego 5, 55 – 200 Oława

tel. 71 313-31-18

There is no website or e-mail address available.


Pizzeria Avanti

Rynek 14, 55 – 200 Oława

tel. 71 303-41-98

There is no website available.

e-mail: avanti@onet.eu



Oławian Hotel

ul. Gen. W. Sikorskiego 6, 55 – 200 Oława

tel.: 71 301-43-71, 600-268-900


e-mail: recepcja@plawianhotel.pl


Hotel Jakub Sobieski

ul. Św. Rocha 1, 55 – 200 Oława

tel. 71 301-41-80, 603-122-313


e-mail: recepcja@hoteljakubsobieski.pl


Hotel Marta

ul. Gazowa 2, 55 – 200 Oława

tel.: 71 313-40-23


e-mail: hotelmarta@hotelmarta.com.pl


Tourist Information Office:

The Meeting Point Centre of Tourist Information (Centrum Informacji Turystycznej The Meeting Point)

Rynek 14, 50 – 101 Wrocław

tel. 71 344-31-11/ 12


e-mail: info@itwroclaw.pl