Nagórze – a palace complex with a park, 1924, 19th century
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Nagórze – a palace complex with a park, 1924, 19th century

The palace in Nagórze was built in 1853 on the site of a former structure. From 1906, it was owned by Rudolf Gräulich. In 1924 it was renovated (which is proven by an inscription on the elevation). The characteristic window openings were built at that moment. They are situated in decorative interiors and are crowned in a semi-circular shape. New drainpipes and electric installation were also installed.

After World War II the palace served a residential function. Today the site is private property and is being renovated. It is a two-storey palace with a used attic. Around the building there are remnants of a park and a former fence with a gate.




Nagórze Palace (Pałac Nagórze)

59-600 Nagórze, woj. Dolnośląskie


How to get there:

The village is situated close to Pławna village, between Gryfów Śląski and Lwówek Ślaski, in the vicinity of road no. 364 and the rail way of the same relation.



It is private property, it is being renovated now.


Fixed and regular events taking place on the site:




There is no car park available.


Places to eat:


ul. Floriańska  15, 59-620 Gryfów Śląski

tel. 697-055-751



Pizzeria „Pasja”

ul. Kolejowa  25, 59-620 Gryfów Śląski

tel. 75 781-13-00


Bar „Nad Bobrem”

ul.  Wyzwolenia 1, Lwówek Śląski 59-600


Restauracja „Piast”

ul. Jaśkiewicza 1, 59-600 Lwówek Śląski

tel. 75 647-79-50, fax 75 782-46-15




Chmieleń 93, 59-623 Lubomierz

tel. 75 783-36-98




Galeria - Dom Pracy Twórczej

Pławna Dolna ul. Pławna 9, 59-623 Lubomierz

tel. 75 783-32-80, 609-444-252


Pensjonat Agroturystyczny „Jaśmin”

Pławna Dolna  87, 59-622 Lubomierz

tel. 75  783-31-48, 506-625-425



„Pod Grotą” Agroturystyka

Pławna Dolna 13, 59-623 Lubomierz

tel.  75 789-03-90



Hotel Sportowy „Olimp”

ul. T. Kościuszki 3, 59-600 Lwówek Śląski

tel. 75 782-46-96, 75 782-46-89


Hotel „Piast”

ul. Jaśkiewicza 1, 59-600 Lwówek Śląski

tel. 75 647-79-50, fax 75 782-46-15


Tourist Information Office:

Centrum Informacji Turystycznej i Promocji Pogórza Izerskiego

Rynek 33, 59-620 Gryfów Śląski

tel. 75 781-29-44, fax 75 781-11-33,