Milicz – a castle (a ruin)
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Milicz – a castle (ruined)

The first accounts of the grad (a medieval settlement) in Milicz come from 1136. According to them, Milicz was controlled by the chapter of Wrocław as early as before 1115. The 13th century grad was situated on the Hop Mountain (Chmielowa Góra), west of the current town, and served as the seat of the Castellan. It was an important administrative-military centre. The brick castle, situated, unlike the settlement, on the left bank of the river Barycz, was built in the mid-14th century. Since the surrounding area was covered by flooded meadows, the castle was built on a small embankment. It was a brick castle built on an irregular plan, surrounded by a wall, with an entrance gate on the west side. A three-storey residential tower, built on a rectangular plan with a size of 10.5 m x 14.8 m, was situated in the southern part of the courtyard. In 1968 a well was discovered in the northern part of the courtyard.

In the first years after construction the building belonged to the chapter of Wrocław, but in 1358 it was purchased by Konrad, duke of Oleśnica. In 1492, after the death of Konrad X the White – the last member of the Piasts of Oleśnica – the castle passed into the hands of Vladislaus II, king of Bohemia and Hungary. The next owner was the castle was baron Zygmunt Kurzbach. In 1508 a new castle gate was built. After a fire in 1536 reconstruction of the castle was begun in the Renaissance style. The residential building, adjacent to the tower on the north side, was built at that time. There was a large ballroom in the basement, with a vault supported by a single pillar. In the years 1590 - 1945 the castle belonged to the family of Count Maltzan. Between 1616 and 1651 a design for another reconstruction of the castle was drawn up by Walenty von Säbisch. However, it was never realized. In the 17th century a new building was constructed on the site of a former gate. In the 18th century a palace and a large park were created near the castle; cotton spinning mills were established in the castle. After a fire in 1797 the castle fell into disrepair. In the 19th century it was abandoned. 

Fragments of the brick walls of  a 14th century tower and fragments of buildings from later periods have survived until this day. There are visible traces of a moat.



None (a ruin).


How to get there:

Milicz is situated on the river Barycz, on National Road no. 15 and on the railway line from Wrocław to Jarocin. It is located about 55 km from Wrocław and about 45 km from Ostrów Wielkopolski. The ruins, overgrown with scrub, are situated in the park in the vicinity of the palace which houses the Technikum Leśne (Technical School of Forestry).



Admission is free.


Fixed and regular events taking place on the site:



Car parking:

It is possible to park next to the palace (the current Technikum Leśne), nearby the ruins.


Places to eat:

Hotel i Restauracja Pałacowa

ul. Piłsudskiego 5, 56 – 300 Milicz

tel. 71 383-02-03



Pelikan Bar

ul. Działkowa, 56 – 300 Milicz

tel. 71 383-20-18


Restauracja w Zamku Myśliwskim Hubertówka

Gądkowice, 56 – 300 Milicz

tel. 71 384-54-25, 71 384-18-49



Hotel Libero

ul. Kościuszki 2, 56 – 300 Milicz

tel. 71 383-13-90, 383-13-91



Hotel Widmar

ul. Kopernika 8, 56 – 300 Milicz

tel. 71 383-00-07


Agroturystyka Roszczak A.

ul. Krótka 5, 56 – 300 Milicz

tel. 71 384-24-31


Tourist information office:

Centrum Informacji Turystycznej

pl. ks. Eugeniusza Waresiaka, 56 – 300 Milicz

tel. 71 383-00-35


czynne: wt. – pt., godz. 8.00 – 17.00, sob.: 10.00 – 16.00



Oddział PTTK Krotoszyn. Biuro Obsługi Ruchu Turystycznego

ul. Mały Rynek 1, 63 – 700 Krotoszyn

tel. 62 725-26-15