Leśna - Baworowo a palace and a park
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Leśna a palace together with a park

Baworowo is presently a part of Leśna. It lies to the north of the town centre. It is an old village, mentioned in 1300 as Beyerbergk (later: Beeberg), which was reputedly founded by some settlers from Bavaria on the right, Silesian bank of the river Kwisa, whereas Kwisa was a Lusatian town. Until 1815 Leśna belonged to Saxony (from 1635) and Baworowo to Prussia (from 1742). From the 15th century the von Dobschützo family were the owners of Baworowa, but they did not live in the village. Around the year 1800 the major and deputy Hans von Bissing acquired the estate and soon after he built a Classicist palace there. The building was prominent in some minor battles in the Napoleonic Wars. From 15th August until 2nd December 1813 French troops had their headquarters in the village (and most probably in the palace as well). On August 26th 1813 some Russian Cossacks assailed French soldiers on the outskirts of the village, and the Napoleonic troops bombarded the palace with cannon-fire.

The estate returned to the possession of the same family in 1840, when the chamberlain doctor R. Biddig was its owner and then  again in 1870.

At this time, around 1850, the palace was rebuilt and it was used until 1945. Later the building was taken over by a newly created State Agricultural Farm which used the farm buildings, but allowed the main edifice to deteriorate. Around the year 2000 a remodeling was undertaken in order to adopt the structure to the needs of a holiday resort, but it was not completed. In 2006 the building was severely damaged in a fire, after which the roof collapsed, leaving intact only the circular wall with the remains of the decoration (protected from the further damage).

The ruins of the palace stand on the right bank of the river Kwisa. The building is two-tier and quite sizable (surface area 700 m2, cubic area 7600 m3). It was built on an oblong rectangular plan with slightly curved corners. The longer elevations have 13 axis and the shorter ones- 5. The centres of the front and garden elevations were emphasized by a three-tier, three-axis risalit with half hips. The palace is capped with a mansard, tile roof with dormers. The elevations were refreshed by fluted pilasters with very simplified capitals (on the corners and risalits, between the axis,  two in the middle part of each shorter elevation). Also the cornice, the window frames, and the triangular half hips above the arched windows on the second floor, served to add variety to the exterior. Inside, there were vaulted staircases and chambers with the remains of stuccowork decoration.

Adjacent to the palace there are farm buildings with vaulted interiors. These buildings date from the same period as the palace itself, as dies the residential outhouse with the gate. By the northern side of the palace there is a small park (2,3 ha), founded around 1800, with some specimens of indigenous old growth of trees.

The palace is ruined, but enclosed (all the entrances are walled up) and it is awaiting renovation. The farm building and the park are in much better condition. The park is open to visitors. Both the palace and the park are listed in the Heritage Register.



There is no contact available (a ruin).


How to get there:

From the centre of Leśna to the north – cross the bridge over the river Kwisa and ul. Baworowo, past the old railway tracks, then turn left into the access road.



The site is not in use and is not open to visitors. .


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It is possible to park the car next to the road.


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Restauracja „Leliwa”

Rynek 8, 59-820-Leśna

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Restauracja „MAGIC”

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Restauracja, kawiarnia „Zamek Czocha”

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Bar pizzeria „Toscana”

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Hotel „Leliwa”

Rynek 8, 59-820-Leśna,

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Ośrodek Szkoleniowo-Wypoczynkowy „Zamek Czocha”

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e-mail: zamekczocha@hotelewam.pl


Ośrodek Szkoleniowo-Wypoczynkowy „Złoty Sen”

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e-mail: zlotysen@eltur-global.pl


Sudeckie Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne „Gościniec u Buckich”

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Tourist information office:

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