Jaszkowa Górna – a manor, (not in use today)
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Jaszkowa Górna – a manor, (not in use today)

The manor in Jaszkowa Górna (former: Obernhannsdorf) is probably the oldest site of its type in the Kłodzko area. It was built in the first half of the 16th century at the initiative of the Kłodzko castellan, Hans Daniel von Henningdorf, on the site of an earlier residential tower. It was reconstructed in 1550 and then between 1570 and 1600 (the date 1570 and the initials of the owner placed on the portal indicate that the castle was owned at the time by Georg Daniel von Henningdorf). The first storey served a representative function, the second was residential. In 1669 the building was owned by duchess Maria Benigna Piccolomini. After the bankruptcy of the duchess, it was purchased by count Johann Ernest von Goetzen in 1696. In the 18th century, whist still in the hands of the von Goetzen family, the building was so severely damaged that the south-east wing was demolished (only the basements and the walls in the courtyard have been preserved). The palace was then taken over by the Magnis family who remained its owners until the end of World War II.

After the war, the original layout of the interior was erased as a result of numerous modifications. For a short time Kłodzko Museum displayed a collection of clocks there and later the building served as a museum storehouse. In the 20th century it was repaired twice – in the 1980’s the roof framing was changed and the roof was covered with metal sheeting; in the 1990’s the construction was strengthened, the basements were rebuilt and stairs leading to the attic were made of reinforced concrete.

Today the manor remains in disuse, but has been made safe and is guarded.  It is owned by an architect, Jacek Kiliński. The original, wooden stairs leading to the second floor have survived to this day. On the elevations traces of sgrafito decorations have been preserved. Next to the manor there are also outbuildings and a shrine. The buildings are surrounded by a large garden.  



Jaszkowa Górna 57.


How to get there:

The manor is visible – it stands on a hill above Jaszkowa Góra. There are Polbus (former PKS) buses running from Kłodzko to Jaszkowa Góra – about 25 minutes.



The interior of the palace is not open to visitors. In the area of the site, next to the entrance to the courtyard, there are information boards funded by the Magnis family.


Fixed and regular events taking place on the site:




Car parking:

On the side.


Places to eat:

Restauracja W Ratuszu

pl. Chrobrego 3, 57 – 300 Kłodzko


e-mail: info@wratuszu.pl


Restauracja Oregano

ul. Daszyńskiego 10, 57 – 300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 865-90-99


Korkodyl. Restauracja – Pizzeria

ul. Rodzinna 83, 57 – 300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 867-11-51


e-mail: biuro@korkodyl.com.pl



Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Pod Zamczyskiem

ul. Kolonia Gaj 4, 57 - 312 Jaszkowa Górna

tel. 604-225-261

http://andrzejg.spanie.pl, http://podzamczyskiem.tvc.pl


Hotel Korona

ul. Noworudzka 1, 57 - 300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 867-37-37


e-mail: hotel-korona@wp.pl


Willa Kłodzko – Zacisze

ul. Czarnieckiego 1A, 57 - 300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 867-89-99


e-mail: info@klodzko-zacisze.pl


Tourist information office:

Regionalna Informacja Turystyczna

ul. Bolesława Chrobrego 1, 57 – 300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 865-89-70, 74 865-89-71


e-mail: rit@powiat.klodzko.pl, bcp@um.klodzko.pl