Gościszów – a castle, a ruin
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Gościszów – a castle, a ruin

A medieval castle, built on this site in the second half of the 14th century, was rebuilt for Melchior von Warnsdorf, into a Renaissance manor on the water. It remained in the hands of the family until 1630, and its most significant development was owed to Kaspar von Warnsdorf, a starost of the Duchy of Jawor and  Świdnica. The new owners of the residence – the von Bibran-Modlau family– carried out renovation of the structure in the Baroque era. In the late 19th century, the manor was rebuilt in the late Classicist style, for the needs of Egon Gustav von Schönberg-Bibran-Modlau. The last renovation work was carried in the neo-Gothic style in the late 19th century. During World War II the castle was burned and fell into disrepair.

It is an oval fortified complex whose stone, three-storey buildings are closed on three sides, by a medieval exterior wall. Inside there is a rectangular courtyard. At the time of its splendour, the elevations of the courtyard were covered with sgraffito decorations with geometrical, figurative and floral motifs; on the façade there was a unique sculptural decoration and a richly relieved portal from 1603. Today the monument is in a state of complete ruin, it has not been secured and therefore has fallen into disrepair; it has also been robbed many times (numerous stone architectural details have been looted, among others). The castle is not fenced and is generally accessible. The whole complex is surrounded by the remnants of a moat with preserved fragments of three bridges. On the western side there is a landscaped park.



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The village is situated in the county of Bolesławiec, in the community of Nowogrodziec, 6 km from Nowogrodziec, 14 km from Lwówek Śląski, 17 km from Bolesławiec.



The ruins of the castle are not fenced.


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Restauracja „Aniołek”

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Restauracja „Opałkowa Chata”

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RestauracjaGyros Casino

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