Gorzanów – a manor, disused today, the manor park
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Gorzanów – a manor, disused today, the manor park

The construction of the palace in Gorzanów (former name: Grafenfort) was initiated nearby an earlier castle damaged by the Hussites in 1573. It was owned, among others, by baron von Anneberg and later by Johann Friedrich von Herberstein (whose family owned Gorzanów for nearly 300 years). At the initiative of the count, the palace was renovated between 1653 and 1657. The work was carried out by members of Carl Lurago’s workshop: Lorenzo Nicelli and Andrea Carove. Some Baroque elements were gradually introduced to the structure from that moment on. The rooms were decorated with rich mouldings, and some rooms were covered with plafonds with cavetto vaults. On the ground floor there was a “sala terrena”. Thus the largest residential palace in the Land of Kłodzko, comprising 116 rooms, was constructed. It is a two and three-bay structure built on a rectangular plan with an inner courtyard. The roofs are covered with shingles, tiles and sheet metal. Next to the building there are farm buildings dated back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The first part of the 19th century was the time of the residence’s greatest splendour. It was then owned by count Johann Hieronymus von Herberstein, at whose initiative a palace theatre was created. The theatre hall was located in the north wing. Karol von Holtei, a poet, an actor and a director who praised Gorzanów in his works, became the artistic director of this theater. Works by Goethe, Shakespeare and Schiller, as well as some music shows and small operas were staged, among others, in Gorzanów. The theater worked for 8 months in the year, giving three performances a week. It was closed in 1847 after the death of the founder. Count von Herberstein also became famous thanks to his park, surrounding the palace. Originally Baroque in style, it was later converted into a landscaped garden with interesting buildings, such as: the bathing pavillion, called the Nymphs’ House, which was modelled on the imperial Schönbrunn in Vienna. This building was built between 1653  and 1657 and was probably designed by an Italian architect, Carlo Lurago. In 1775 the terrace and the stairs leading to the “sala terrena” were demolished.

Since many tourists visited Gorzanów, in 1880 the palace was opened to visitors. In the 1920’s Passion Plays were held in the residential park, attracting many pilgrims and tourists to the village. From 1930 the building was under the control of the town of Bystrzyca Kłodzka. The palace was damaged during Wolrd War II and looted shortly afterwards. Attempts to renovate it were not successful – the building has not regained its former splendour.

The palace is severely damaged, but has been almost completely preserved. It is regularly strengthened and renovated. There are plans to convert it into a hotel and conference centre.



ul. Podzamcze 7/8, 57 - 521 Gorzanów


How to get there:

Gorzanów is located in the centre of the Land of Kłodzko. In Kłodzko take road no. 33 to Boboszów. To reach Gorzanów, take a right turn in Mielnik and then stick to the main road. The monument is located in the centre of the town.



The site is closed to visitors.


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There is no car park available nearby.


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Restauracja – pizzeria Helios

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Agroturystyka Stokrotka

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Centrum Informacji Turystycznej

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