Cieplice – The Schaffgotsch palace along with the park complex
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Cieplice – The Schaffgotsch palace along with the park complex.

The palace in Cieplice (previously: Bad Warmbrunn) was erected between 1784 and 1788 as a residence of the Schaffgotsch family. The late Baroque construction with some early-Classicits elements was designed by the famous architect Johann Georg Rudolf. Count Johann Nepomuk Schaffgotsch ordered that it be built on the site of the Renaissance mansion which had been almost completely destroyed in a fire in 1777. The remains of the previous mansion were used in the creation of the palace. Painter Anton Paetz and stucco decorator Johan Joseph Echtler were responsible for the interior decoration in the Empire style. The palace is surrounded by a garden à la française, which in 1817 was remodeled into an English garden, a style that was popular at that time. In 1838 the park became its current size. Before 1945 the residence housed the precious collections of the Schaffgorsch family: a book collection with old prints and manuscripts, militaria and marine collections. Most of the items, furnishings and paintings were burned or destroyed after World War II, when the palace was used by the Red Army. A field hospital for soldiers infected with venereal diseases was organized in the building; the hospital functioned until 1947. The former Schaffgotsch estate was used as a Military Rest House between 1949 and 1952. The palace was planned to serve as Rest House for the Chancellery of Council State, but this plan was not realized. The palace was passed to Polish Scouting and Guiding Association in 1953. In 1965 the Association conducted one of the biggest renovations with the refurbishing of the palace interior. In May 1975 the palace became the property of the Wrocław University of Technology; one of the subsidiaries has been functioning in the building ever since. Maintenance work has been underway since the 1980s.

Now the palace in Cieplice is in very good condition. Some of the original, Classicist elements (floor, paneling, plafond) have survived to this day in some of the chambers on the first floor.  The ball room, the Blue Room and the Mirror Room have been preserved in an exceptionally good condition. The façade of the building is decorated with a cartouche with the Schaffgotsch coat of arms. The palace is surrounded with a well-maintained park. There are some other palaces in the vicinity worth visiting: The Palace in Miłków (14km), the Palace in Bobrów (10km), the Palace in Łomnica (9km) and the Palace in Wojanów (9km). There are a wide range of places to stay in Cieplice.



Politechnika Wrocławska, Zamiejscowy Ośrodek Dydaktyczny w Jeleniej Górze

pl. Piastowski 27, 58-500 Jelenia Góra (Cieplice)

tel. 75 755-10-48.


Wrocław University of Technology, Off-campus Educational Unit in Jelenia Góra

Pl. Piastowski 27, 58-500 Jelenia Góra (Cieplice)

tel. 75 755 10 48


How to get there:

By car from Wrocław: by the A4 highway in the direction to Zgorzelec, then road no. 5 and road no. 3. In total: about 100 km. The palace and park complex in Cieplice is located in the centre of the resort, between Park Zdrojowy and Piastowski Square.


Car parking:

There is a car park located on the site.



The palace is used as an Off-campus Educational Unit. The inside of the palace may be visited by prior arrangement with the University authorities, but it is not generally open to tourists. One can also attend an academic event or an exhibition mounted in the palace.


Fixed and regular events taking place on the site:



Places to eat:

Restauracja Hotel Cieplice

 ul. Cervi 11, Jelenia Góra

 tel. 75 755-10-41



Restauracja Hotel Caspar

pl. Piastowski 28, 58 - 560 Jelenia Góra

tel. 75 645-50-01



Oberża Pod Koroną

ul. Kubusia Puchatka 2a, 58 500 Jelenia Góra

tel. 783-366-248

There is no website or e-mail address available.



Hotel BIS

ul. Zamoyskiego 3, 58 – 560 Jelenia Góra – Cieplice Zdrój

tel. 75 643-12-50



Apartament w Cieplicach

ul. Sobieszowska 28 D,

58 – 500 Jelenia Góra, Cieplice Śląskie – Zdrój

tel. 783-366-466

e-mail: formularz na stronie www


Pokoje Gościnne Karina

ul. Cieplicka 22 a, 58 – 560 Jelenia Góra

tel. 75 648-07-32, 664-171-154

There is no website or e-mail address available.


Tourist Information Office:

Punkt Informacji Turystycznej i Kulturalnej

ul. Bankowa 27, Jelenia Góra

tel. 75 767-69-25,

Open: Monday – Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m., Sunday (July – September) from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.