Chocianów – a palace
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Chocianów – a palace

Originally there was a castle built here in the late 13th century. By building it, Bolko I intended to strengthen his borders with the Duchy of Głogów. After reconstruction in the 15th century it was a residence of the dukes of Legnica.

After 1599, the palace was expanded in the Renaissance style, under the commission of the von Nostitz family. The palace received its present form during reconstruction between 1728 and 1732, which was made for Melchior Gottlob von Redern; at the same time the adjacent park was created.

The Baroque building is quadrilateral in shape. It is a two-storey, four-winged structure with an inner courtyard. There is a medieval quadrilateral tower adjacent to the front wing; the tower has remained from the original construction. On the façade there is a break crowned with a balustrade and with a balcony portal supported by side columns. Fragments of the original, richly decorated Baroque interiors have been preserved inside.

The complex includes a large landscaped-naturalistic park (from the early 19th century) with alleys of trees and a swimming pool, which was in the past decorated with a collection of figurative sculptures (the relics have survived until today).

The palace has been preserved until the present and is being renovated at the moment.



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How to get there:

The town is situated in the county of Polkowice, 17 km from Polkowice, 25 km from Lubin.



The site is not open to visitors, it can be viewed from the outside.


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ul. Żeromskiego 13, 59-140 Chocianów

tel. 76 818-55-67

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pl. Wolności 21, 59-140 Chocianów

tel. 76 818-55-83

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ul. W. Kossaka 5A, 59-100 Polkowice

tel. 508-920-120

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Restauracja Pub Dwór Piastów

ul. Targowa 5, 59-100 Polkowice

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ul. Chełmońskiego 7, 59-100 Polkowice

tel. 76 845-11-40

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Gospodarstwo agroturystyczneStary Młyn

ul. Kościuszki 25, 59-140 Chocianów

tel./fax 76 818-53-35, 506-048-950, 517-303-704



Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne „Dworek w Chocianowie

ul. Spacerowa 11a, 59-140 Chocianów

tel. 502-409-309



Dwór Ziemowit

ul. Nagietkowa 14A, 59-101 Polkowice

tel. 76 845-02-89, fax 76 817-38-60



Zajazd u Zenka

ul. T. Babisza 2a, 59-100 Polkowice

tel./fax 76 722-22-22




ul. Młyńska 6, 59-100 Polkowice

tel. 76 746-27-00, fax 76 746-28-00

e-mail: recepcja@aquahotel



ul. Hubala 24, 59-100 Polkowice

tel. 76 847-04-57

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Tourist Information Office:

Centrum Informacji Turystycznej w Polkowicach

„Aquapark” Polkowice

ul. Młyńska 4, 59-100 Polkowice

tel. 76 746-27-27