Bierutów – a castle and a castle tower, 3b Zamkowa street
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Bierutów – a castle and a castle tower, 3b Zamkowa street

The castle in Bierutów (former name: Bernstadt) was probably built in the 13th century at the initiative of Henry III the White, duke of Wrocław. The Gothic building was built on a rectangular plan. On the east side there was the residential (part), while a tower on a  square plan was constructed on the north side. The fortress flourished in the 16th century at the time of duke Henry II of Poděbrady. Thanks to his efforts, the castle was renovated in the Renaissance style between 1534 and 1540. In the first half of the 17th century, after a fire in 1603, the castle was rebuilt at the time of Henry Wenclaus Poděbrady. A two-winged structure was then created. The building was then renovated in the late 17th century, when it was owned by Christian Urlich Wirtemberg. An additional storey was built on, a Baroque portal was constructed in the south wing and on the west side a decorative gate was built. Gardens were created around the residence. In the late 18th century the building, with slight traces of damage, passed into the hands of the forest inspectorate. In the 19th century the castle was repeatedly rebuilt. In 1829 and 1852 the ruined porches were replaced with wooden ones. In 1899 the already damaged west wing of the building was demolished, while the north wing was completely renovated. During World War II the building did not suffer significant damage. After 1945 the castle housed, among others, the Forest Inspectorate of Bierutów, a kindergarten, apartments for forestry workers and the headquaretrs of the Municipal Enterprise for Communal Management (MPGK). Today the castle in Bierutów houses private apartments, the forestry headquarters and a blood donation centre. There are plans to establish the municipal headquarters and other municipal cultural institutions in the castle. A tower, square at the lower levels and octagonal high up, with a two-cupola dome; defensive walls and the Baroque entrance gate have been preserved. The southern building from the original establishment, with a cartouche with a coat of arms of the dukes of Wirtenberg-Oleśnica has also survived to this day. The interior elements which have survived are: the original stairs and a room with stucco decorations.  



Zamek w Bierutowie

ul. Zamkowa 3 b, 56 - 420 Bierutów


How to get there:

Bierutów is situated on the border of the regions of Lower Silesian and Opole. It is located 16 km from Oleśnica. Road no. 396 leads from Oława to Bierutów. The monument is situated in the eastern part of the Old Town. It is possible to get there by train (about 10 minute walk from the station) and by Polbus buses (the bus stop is right next to the castle).



The castle is not open to visitors.


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Places to eat:

Anita Drink Bar (restaurant, catering)

ul. Wrocławska 43, 56 – 420 Bierutów


Astra Bar Halina Bobowska

ul. Młyńska 1a, 56 – 420 Bierutów


U Cecota. Bar

Rynek 47, Oleśnica

tel. 71 314-23-39



Gospodarstwo Rolne – Agroturystyka Nad Stawami

Dębnik 2, 46 – 113 Wilków

tel. 77 419-54-72



Hotel Zorza

ul. Wały Jana III 2, 46 – 100 Namysłów

tel. 77 410-18-54



Hotel Polonia

ul. Obrońców Pokoju 28, 46 – 100 Namysłów

tel. 77 410-39-89



Tourist information office:

Centrum Informacji Turystycznej The Meeting Point

Rynek 14, 50 – 101 Wrocław

tel. 71 344-31-11/ 12