Legnica – The Lubiąż Abbot House, today The Museum of Copper
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Legnica – The Lubiąż Abbot House, today The Museum of Copper

The Lubiąż Abbot House is a former manor house (curia) of the abbots from the Cistercian monastery in Lubiąż. It is a Baroque-style palace erected in the 18th century in place of a medieval construction. It was founded by an abbot of Lubiąż, Ludwik Bauch, which is confirmed by, among other, the monogram LAL (Ludovicus Abbas Lubensis) placed in the cartouche above the entrance. The front elevation has a rich baroque appearance. Above the portal there is a stone balcony decorated with sculptures of St. Hedwig and St. John the Baptist. After the secularization of the monastery (1810) the structure served as a judiciary building, then it was turned into a residential estate.

Today it houses the Museum of Copper. One can see a permanent exhibition Legnica. In ictu oculi (Legnica. In next to no time) which is about the history of the town. Near the Abbot House there is a lapidarium – a place where relics of monumental architecture and sculptures (from the 14th to the 19th centuries) are collected, which are remnants of the old buildings of Legnica. This outdoor exhibition is housed in the museum garden, at the junction of Powstańców and Rycerska streets.


Muzeum Miedzi w Legnicy

ul. Partyzantów 3, 59-220 Legnica

tel./fax 76 862-02-89, 76 862-49-49


e-mail: biuro@muzeum-miedzi.art.pl

How to get there:

Legnica is located over 70 km from Wrocław, 20 km from Jawor, and 25 km from Lubin. Access from Wroclaw – by the A4 highway in the direction of Zgorzelec, an exit onto road no.3 in the direction of Legnica.


Summer time (June – October): Wednesday – Sunday from 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m..

Winter time (November – May): Tuesday – Saturday from 11.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Ticket prices: adults: 6.50 zł, concessions: 3.50 zł, every first Wednesday of the month and every Saturday free of charge.

After prior contact, the castle chapels of St. Benedict and St. Lawrence (the Romanesque chapel in the courtyard of Legnica Castle) are open to the public.

The chapel: Legnica, pl. Zamkowy 1, open Tuesday – Saturday from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. from November 1st to March 30th; closed in winter; the ticket price: 2.5 zł; on Saturdays free of charge.

Fixed and regular events:

Temporary exhibitions.


There is a car park available.

Places to eat:

Mała Moskwa” Restauracja rosyjska

ul. Kręta 6, 59-220 Legnica

tel. 790-887-091


e-mail: mala.moskwa@wp.pl

Restauracja i Kawiarnia „Ratuszowa”

Rynek 39 (Ratusz), 59-400 Legnica

tel. 76 623-33-07

There is no e-mail address or no website available.

Pizzeria „Sapore”

al. Marszałka Piłsudskiego 18, 59-220 Legnica

tel.76 722-22-40

There is no e-mail address or no website available.

Hotel - Restauracja „Kamieniczka”

ul. Młynarska 15-16, 59-220 Legnica

tel. 76 723-73-92 do 96


e-mail: info@hotel-kamieniczka.pl

Hotel i Restauracja „Arkadia”

ul. Gliwicka 6, 59-220 Legnica

Hotel: tel. 76 850-78-00, 76 850-78-01, fax 76 850-78-02; restauracja: tel. 76 850-78-03


e-mail: legnica@hotel-arkadia.pl, restauracja@hotel-arkadia.pl


Hotel „Pałacyk”

ul. Kościuszki 37, 59-220 Legnica

tel. 76 851-25-35, fax 76 862-04-44


e-mail: hotelpalacyk@lca.pl

Hotel „Nowodworski”

ul. Nowodworska 30, 59-220 Legnica

tel. 76 722-09-91


e-mail: hotel@hotelnowodworski.pl

Apartamenty „Swiss-Pol”

ul. Środkowa 24/5, 59-220 Legnica

tel. 692-178-267, tel./fax 76 722-65-53


e-mail: a contact form is available on the website.

Hotelik Villa

ul. Ks. B. Gładysza 12, 59-220 Legnica

tel./fax 76 850-22-23


e-mail: a contact form is available on the website.

Akademik „Miedzianka”

ul. Żółkiewskiego 8, Legnica

tel./fax 76 723-80-47

There is no e-mail address or no website available.

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