Rościszów – the palace and the sanatorium
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Rościszów - a palace and a sanatorium.

The palace is situated in the centre of Rościszów on the site of a former mansion. In the 17th century the current building was considerably extended. It is made of brick and built on a square plan. The structure is capped with a mansard roof with dormer windows. The palace is surrounded by a park with an old growth of trees. In 1957-1977 the site was adjusted to the needs of a resort centre. At the moment the holiday resort ‘Kasztel’ is located in the palace. There are many facilities at guests’ disposal, such as: a conference room, a fireplace chamber, a library, a kiosk, a sport pitch, table tennis, a playground, a place for bonfires and barbecues and a parking lot. The restaurant is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

There are some ski lifts in the neighborhood on T-bow lifts and ski tow.

The building is situated in park with an old growth of trees in the Sowie Mountains, 40 km away from the border with the Czech Republic.

Ośrodek Wczasowy Przemysłowego Instytutu Telekomunikacji „Kasztel”

Rościszów, ul. Piękna 71, tel./fax 74/ 836 97 21

Another interesting building in Rościszów is the sanatorium, erected in 1898. The choice of location was not incidental. The Sowie Mountains have a particularly beneficial climate. The structure has four tiers and it draws the eye with its high, distinctive tower. It is an example of eclectic architecture. It has many elements of decorative stone architectural details. At first the sanatorium was intended for patients suffering from nervous breakdowns. After the War an orphanage and a holiday house were opened there. Since 1960 it has been running as an antituberculosis sanatorium.

There is a hospital in the building now and because of that the monument can be admired by tourists only from the outside. Nevertheless, the spacious park which surrounds the building is worth visiting.

Specjalistyczny Szpital Chorób Płuc w Rościszowie

Rościszów 11, 58-250 Pieszyce, tel.: 74/ 83 69 711, fax: 74/ 836 97 57,,

For more information: Referat Promocji Urzędu Miejskiego w Pieszycach,

ul. Kościuszki 2, 58-250 Pieszyce, tel. 74/ 836 72 47, fax 74/ 836 72 30,, e-mail: