A brief description of the trail
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General characteristics of the trail

The Lower Silesian part of the Cistercian Trail goes through the most important centres related to the activity of the monastery. It includes the Cistercian complexes of the supra-regional significance, outstanding in terms of their artistic and historical value.

The total length: 353 km

The trail: The trail is divided into 3 sections, taking into account the time required for the access to the particular sites and the visiting.

Section I (127 km): Trzebnica – Bardo

Trzebnica – road no. 5 to Wrocław, then the exit from the town to the south onto road no. 395 – Henryków (86 km) – road no. 395, in the village called Niedźwiedź take an exit onto road no. 382 – Kamieniec Ząbkowicki (116 km) – a local road – Bardo (127 km).

Section II (135 km); Bardo – Jelenia Góra – Cieplice

Bardo - road no. 8, in Ząbkowice Śląskie take an exit onto road no. 382 – Świdnica (180 km) – road no. 35, in Szczawienko an exit to road no. 376, in Czarny Bór an exit to a local road – Krzeszów (220 km) – a local road, road no. 367, in Kowary an exit to road no. 366 to Podgórzyn, then turn right in the direction of Jelenia Góra - Cieplice (262 km).

Section III (91 km): Jelenia Góra-Cieplice – Lubiąż

Jelenia Góra - Cieplice, an exit from the town onto road no. 365, go to Jawor, take an exit onto road no. 363 to Chroślice, then turn right into a local road – Słup (305 km) – a local road – Legnica (321 km) – road no. 94 in the direction of Wroclaw, righ past Kawice take a turn into road no. 338 – Lubiąż (353 km).

Visiting the trail:

It is recommended to visit the trail by car due to significant distances between the sites and the time needed for visiting (at least 1-2 hours for some of the historical complexes). There are many bus connections with every town, with a wide range of possibilities. Some of the towns can be reached by train (Trzebnica, Henryków, Kamieniec, Bardo, Świdnica, Jelenia Góra-Cieplice, Legnica).