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Where can you meet the century-old Seven Brothers? Why did Princess Marianne of the Netherlands have to cross the border every day in order to supervise her estates? What does “Potencjałka” (water from a spring in Kowary) taste like? What does the largest conciliation cross in Lower Silesia depict? Why were the Churches of Peace built without the use of any nails? Where was the last female member of the Piast dynasty buried?

Visiting the trails of Lower Silesia one can learn the fascinating history of our region and get acquainted with its dynamically developing present. Not only are there numerous monumental sites, but also a great variety of them – from picturesque castles and magnificent residences, to churches of different denominations, and monuments of technology.

Breathtaking architecture is accompanied by various landscapes, and numerous events and celebrations, taking place on the sites situated along the trail, will fill our free time. Both lovers of urban cultural attractions and people choosing active leisure; e.g. cycling, skiing or hiking will find something for their taste here. Those, who prefer silence and tranquility, can find a range of places where time has either stopped, or is surely going by much more slowly … Whether you have a long vacation, or only a few hours of free time, it is worth spending this time visiting the Lower Silesian trails.